Month / March, 2013

Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas


popcorn_latenightsnackThe best way to avoid turning into the cookie monster at night is to eat a filling dinner that is satiating. However, sometimes late a night you might find yourself rummaging your cupboards for something to eat and turning to not-so-healthy choices like sugary or carb laden foods. So what’s a girl who is trying to be sensible about her diet to eat?

When it comes to snacks (and every other meal, actually) you have to stay away from sugars and carbs. Why? Because sugar and carbs cause an insulin spike in your blood which prohibits fat loss and leaves your blood sugar level so low that you will find yourself feeling hungry again shortly after. If you try to be good and just have one recommended portion/serving size but there’s more of that food around, you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that you’ll end up polishing off another serving or two, or three before the night is over.

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How Being Sedentary Directly Relates to Thigh Fat


stairs-190What does the alarm clock, cell phone, microwave, internet, remote control, elevator, escalator, and the electric toothbrush all have in common? These are just a handful of the things that are robbing you of prime opportunities to lose weight, via non exercise activity thermogenosis or NEAT.

Most people today have sedentary lifestyles and jobs. They roll out of bed, take a shower/get dressed, walk a short distance to the car or subway, sit on the train/in the car, take the elevator up to the office, sit for most of the day at work where they correspond to everyone via e-mail, take a few more steps to grab some food and get back to the subway/car, and then spend the remainder of the day sitting in front of the computer or television.

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Did you Know? Spices that are Excellent for Weight Loss



This one is pretty self explanatory. Everything that manifests with our bodies start internally.

Check out these 5 spices to see how ingesting them (adding them to your foods) can help to promote weight loss.

Ginger, cinnamon and black pepper are staples when I prepare food.

Cayenne pepper we know is one of the best fat burners, which is why this spice is added to the lemon juice diet / detox that many of the celebrities have been famous for using!