Month / August, 2013

FREE Thigh Gap Workout App – (Best Workout App)


thigh gap applicationWant to know what the best workout app (for android or iphone) is?

Duh, It’s the ‘Thigh Gap App!’

While getting a thigh gap is all about the food choices that you make, exercise contributes to the overall effect. In fact, some exercises can work to seriously hamper your progress. Specifically, squats, lunges, leg presses and any other heavy resistance exercises that you put your legs through, can cause some women to overdevelop their thigh muscles, which works to fill in the very gap you’re trying to create!

Since the trolls are out in full force, I feel the need to add a disclaimer that if you love big leg muscles, more power to you! However, the women that are visiting THIS SITE have a different goal in mind when it comes to what sexy, feminine legs look like.

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