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How did Christina Aguilera Lose the Weight (2013) for Real?


Have you seen Christina Aguilera lately?
She’s back to her ‘genie in a bottle’ form and looking great as compared to where she was just a short year ago.

The powerful singer reportedly dropped a ton of weight – but as to how she did it? She credits some yoga, smiling, time off, etc. and a bunch of other bogus things.

Look, you don’t just drop as much weight as Christina has by laughing, smiling and doing some yoga! That’s total B.S. and everyone knows it.

Noone will know exactly how she’s done it, even if she does give some more details into her regimen. Remember Tori Spelling’s revelation a few weeks back about how she totally fibbed about dropping the weight through diet and exercise, when really she just stopped eating everything in sight.

Did Christina Aguilera have surgery? Did she starve herself or overexercise for hours on end to whittle down her waist? It’s probably a combination of all three!

However, if you want to lose weight like Christina did you can do the same.

It’s as simple as increasing your energy expenditure (moving more when not exercising), exercising (doing at least one hour of exercise a minimum of 4 times per week, and watching what you eat (cutting out sugar, carbs, lots of salt, unprocessed foods).

Of course, there are some other tricks that celebrities have up their sleeves when it comes to shedding weight fast and furiously. I cover a lot of these things in my book, “The Thigh Gap Hack”. So if you want to speed up your weight loss and get back into your fighting form, make sure you buy the book and make following the tips in it your new year resolution.

Happy 2014 ladies!

P.S. – My next cardio dance workout video routine will be to Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse’ so make sure you check back in 2014.


Cardio Dance Workout – Calvin Harris “Thinking About You”


calvinharriscardioA new cardio dance workout is up on my youtube channel. This week, I’ve choreographed a full body routine to Calvin Harris’ song “Thinking About You”. If you ever wished working out didn’t have to be so boring (which might make you do it more) today is your lucky day.

Every week a new video is added, so make sure you subscribe to the channel. Leave your comments below to let me know what you think of the workout – how many times you did it all the way through – and to request the next song!

The full video is available after the jump

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Beyonce’s – Drunk in Love Cardio Dance Workout – IS LIVE


meUnless you’ve been doing one of those weird technology purging thingies, you’ll know that Beyonce released a secret album a few days ago on iTunes (the same night I released the cardio dance workout video to Grown Woman – Click here to watch that)

The album features 17 videos and 14 songs and my favorite tracks are Grown woman, Drunk in Love and XO.

Expect some more cardio dance workouts to some more songs from Beyonce’s album in the future.

In the meantime, get ready to really work your abs, obliques and legs in this week’s fat burning cardio workout, available for viewing after the jump.

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Eggs Without the Calories – Filling Low Calorie Breakfast Hacks


There’s no denying my go-to meal is an egg white omelette. I don’t typically eat until noon, but since it’s the first meal of the day for me I call it breakfast.

Either way, egg whites are only 20 calories per egg, so you can see why I like it. The problem arises from the oil that is necessary to make eggs take scrumptious. Your extra virgin olive oil will set you back 120 calories for one single tablespoon! I know, right – insane!

However, there are ways to get around this. As a self proclaimed fitness hack it’s my job to think of these things and share them with you. So, here goes:

1. First, the best way to enjoy eggs without turning it into a high calorie meal is to forgo the egg yolks and stick to the egg whites. Some people find it difficult to crack open eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. I prefer to take a spoon to the shell and tap it about two times in the center. Then, I separate both shells and simply drain the whites by shifting the yolk from one egg shell half to the other.

Another option, which I picked up from the hotel’s chef while staying in the Bahamas, is to pour the entire egg into your cupped clean hand (fingers slightly apart to drain the white). Hold the egg yolk and wait until all of the white drains off.

Here’s a pretty awesome technique I had never seen before:


2. When it comes to cooking an egg omelette without too much oil, I do a little bit of recycling. That means I’ll lightly roast something juicy first, like onions, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Then, I’ll use the leftover juices in the pan to cook my eggs. Works like a charm – zero oil calories added.

You can also opt to use a small amount of water in the frying pan instead, not so much frying as shallow boiling. You will still end up with the fried egg look but without any of the added calories. (SEE TIP ABOUT HERBS BELOW)

Another way to cook the egg without oil is to purchase a high quality teflon non-stick pan and cook the egg on medium to low heat for about 25 minutes or so. Since oil does tend to make egg taste delicious, and you won’t be using any, make sure you incorporate a lot of herbs and spices. I love dill, black pepper, garlic, rosemary, oregano, etc. Basically, I use every single spice in my cabinet to make my eggs (except salt – trust me, you won’t miss it)

3. Some people prefer to have their eggs scrambled (I prefer omelets). If you are one of those people, you can certainly add a little bit of almond or coconut milk – I get mine from traders joes and it’s only 35 calories per CUP! So just adding a tip of this ‘milk’ for moisture won’t add a lot of calories at all. This will make your scrambles eggs light and fluffy.

4. Another excellent hack that will only add 5 calories to your meal is the use of a bullion cube. Boullion cubes are basically chicken or beef broth, or whatever flavoring that is available, that is made in the shape of a cube instead of just coming in a jar. You have to unwrap each one individually and then you dissolve them in water to make soups and gravies, whatever else you would like to make. You can get them at just about any grocery store. Dissolve one in the egg and then fry per usual. Keep stirring the eggs (I.E. scramble them) and to not preheat the pan.

5. Don’t forget you always have the option of boiling your egg!

If you really wanted a scrambled egg that included the yolk (which is about 70 calories per egg), and didn’t want to worry about scrambling and cooking in oil, you could always pre scramble the egg while still inside the shell before boiling. This instructables page shows exactly how to do it.

  1. Grab an egg, and a pair of nylons
  2. Put the raw egg in the centre of one of the legs
  3. grab either end of the leg with each hand and spin it around till the egg is twisted 20-25 times.
  4. Pull quickly, and it should spin it back the other way rapidly.
  5. You can verify that it worked, by shinning a light through it in a dark room. (Egg should appear an even red throughout, rather than yellow (you may even be able to see the yolk outline, if it’s unbroken).
  6. Bring the water to a boil, then shut off the stove and let it sit on the hot stove for about 10 minutes. Cover with a lid and do  NOT remove the lid during this time.
  7. Crack and Enjoy!


HACK TIP: NO matter what, please refrain from cooking your eggs in the microwave.


Fat Loss Hacks: What Asian Women Drink to Stay Thin


Have you ever wondered how so many Asian women manage to stay slim and thin? Wonder no more, because the secret’s out – oolong tea. Oolong tea is a metabolism boosting tea (boosts metabolism by up to 20% when consumed on a daily basis) that Asian women are known to drink in large quantities in order to manage their weight.


It works by increasing the expenditure of energy and promoting the oxidation of body fat stores and has been shown to be more effective than green tea in promoting weight loss in the limited number of studies that have been performed

Other factors for the effectiveness of tea is that it has zero calories and will fill you up and therefore suppressing your appetite or preventing you from consuming other higher calories foods. Making an effort to drink tea may keep one hydrated and less likely to confuse hunger with thirst. Of course, lowered calorie consumption will lead to weight loss.

Additionally, the caffeine in the tea, which can suppress your appetite to a small degree, is also a diuretic,  can help you shed water weight (as diuretics increase the volume of urinary excretion)

From Yahoo –

Oolong originates from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis, as the green and black teas. The difference in its properties lies in the degree of oxidation it undergoes during processing. While green tea leaves are not allowed to oxidize before processing, black teas undergo a period of oxidation after the leaves are picked, sometimes known as fermentation. Oolong tea is allowed to oxidize, but for a shorter period of time than black tea. Thus, oolong tea retains many of the antioxidants are other healthy chemicals that may be lost from black tea due to the prolonged oxidative process. Oolong tea appears to have larger quantities of healthy polyphenols than does green tea which may account for the benefits of oolong tea for weight loss.

Move over green tea, oolong’s got the leg up!


Drink your tea without anything added to it. No sugar, milk, cream, etc. Your taste buds will eventually adapt.

About two cups per day is recommended. Steep oolong tea anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes, for a more full-bodied cup.

In addition, hot beverages decrease the absorption of fat in the intestine after a meal.



Cardio Dance Workout – Grown Woman (Beyonce)


grownwomanstillHello all!

How many of you caught the Victoria Secret’s fashion show last night?

Aren’t those ladies absolutely stunning?!

Well, if you want to get a body like a VS model, you have to do your cardio! Contrary to popular opinion, cardio doesn’t have to be BORING! Dance cardio is one of my favorite ways to get my heart rate elevated.

You can get your cardio workout with me today and any other day!

A new cardio dance workout video has been added to my channel ‘thigh gap hack’ on

Check it out after the cut (and don’t forget to subscribe)

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Pumpkin Pie Alternative for a Snack – Only 150 to 250 Calories!


I discourage snacking in favor of eating a full meal, because typically the snacks people choose contain lots of calories and you end up feeling hungry a very short while afterwards. Sometimes though, you just don’t want to cook or you’re out at a party and feeling hungry and there’s nothing but fast food restaurants and deli’s open! I get it…

That’s why I’m always on the prowl for snacks that will be filling without tons of carbs and sugar.

My go to snack on such occasions used to be a 120 calorie bag of popcorn, but it turns out I am allergic to popcorn.

Thankfully, I’ve found something else that only takes all of 10 minutes to prepare – Pumpkin Graham Crackers


First, turn the oven to 375 degrees

All you have to do is get the healthiest version of graham crackers that you can find. 2 full cracker sheets are anywhere from 110 to 120 calories. The most you should have in one sitting is 4. Lay your sheets on a piece of foil lined baking pan.

Next, you need organic pumpkin. You can buy a bag or buy a full pumpkin/roast and refrigerate it to last you 5x longer. Since I’m pressed for time, I just get the bag of organic pumpkin for around $4, but I did buy a whole pumpkin for $4 which I plan to cook this weekend. The organic pumpkin should be 35 calories for 112 grams or 4 ounces.

Put 4 ounces in a bowl and mix in a teaspoon of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin or all spice. DO NOT ADD SUGAR. The sugar in the graham crackers will suffice. Mash and stir it all up and then spread evenly over the 2 to 4 graham cracker sheets. Plop it in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes.

Take it out and enjoy!

I whip my pumpkin really well, so it tastes nice and fluffy. The volume of the pumpkin will fill you up.

Now, whenever you really want a snack or a treat, you can get a shot of it with this yummy recipe. If you try it, let me know what you think!