5 Spring Fashions That Just Go Better with a Thigh Gap


If you’ve worked hard to get those ultra-thin thighs (or even if you haven’t), you are definitely ready to sport all those spring fashions that just go better with a well-defined thigh gap. Especially if you’ve spent the winter bundled up. Since anyone can get a thigh gap, if you don’t have one yet, you can look to these fashion choices as great motivation! If you are looking for party or prom dress check these two piece prom dress styles. Women are not the only ones that are allowed to look great during spring, men also have tons of options to choose from to look stylish, especially with damiani men’s clothing, so make sure you choose the best outfit for your husband so both of you can go out looking great.

There are so many spring fashions that just don’t go well with bigger legs. Let’s face it, though: very few shorts actually look bad with a thigh gap. Thin thighs are complementary, no matter which way you slice it, girls. Right? But there are some styles that hide your assets, while others actually enable you to show off your thigh gap! Take a look at these Rainbow Mid Length Silk Shorts for example. Their mid length, so a thigh gap is a plus, but not a requirement. It’s good to have options, you never know what you will feel like wearing, or what the occasion could ask for. One thing is for sure though, looking good in the latest fashions is just one of many reasons that women want a thigh gap.

Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Girls and ladies with a thigh gap wear short shorts, that’s who. They may be a little too chilly in the evening, but during a nice spring day, short shorts with a White Open Back Crop Top are fun and look great. They elongate the legs and make the feminine body look taller. They also provide a sporty, sexy and fun-loving image.

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts work as soon as the snow melts! They show off great thin thighs and if they are short enough (or when they blow in the wind) they might just show off that thigh gap as well. Mini skirts also give that air of youth, beauty and fitness. They elongate the legs and help give the illusion of just a little more height. And the finishing touch to any costume has to be some cool contact lenses and colored ones like red contacts make such a striking image so very much recommended.
Gym Wear

The gym is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. When spring hits, you can ditch the heavy sweats and put on some real gym clothes again. Looking good at the gym can be a huge motivator for staying in shape. When you’re sweating your thighs off, wear a cotton spandex fabric t-shirt! The good thing about this material is that if breathes, so it is great for working out. It’s also form fitting, so it’s great for sporting a great pair of workout pants too. Nothing makes you feel better than getting a glimpse of that thigh gap in the mirror. Bonus: others get to see it too. There’s nothing wrong with that! Custombaba have the best deals for t shirts and light clothing.

Skinny Jeans

Ah, the skinny jean. The place where it all started. Nowhere has the thigh gap been more popular than in the skinny jean market. Jeans can be worn in any season, but are especially perfect for spring, when you don’t need to bundle up, but are not sweltering hot either. You can wear jeans in almost any setting too. Even some formal occasions are perfect for a pair of skinnies with a blazer and some dazzling handmade jewellery in London. You just can’t go wrong with denim, and the best part is you can be fully clad and still show off that thigh gap!


Swimsuits with Wrap-Arounds

On a warm spring day, there’s nothing like a Hermoza swimsuit with a wrap-around skirt to make for a perfect outfit. You should also consider the sustainable swimwear line. It has great variety, and you are sure to find a swimsuit that feels right for you no matter what. The great thing about the swimsuit season is that it’s obviously one of the best fashions you can be seen in when you have a thigh gap to show off.

It’s probably not an immediate concern of yours to worry about spring outfits when you’re still battling frigid wind gusts day-in and day-out. Seriously, how can a guy wrap his head around windbreaker jackets when your trusty parka is your only protection from what feels like a knock-out punch by Mr. Freeze? Maybe we’re being optimistic, or just know that unpredictable weather means a warm front can come at any moment, but now is the best time to plan your spring wardrobe, check mens wear style top guide to look and smell good.

While your funds might still be tapped out from the holidays and you’re still holding out hope for a beach vacation, strategically planning your spring outfits can help you save major bucks on your warm weather style.  You can also use sites and apps to Sell clothes so you can have a few more bucks to upgrade your wardrove.

Classic pieces made with stretch and tech fabrics are key for spring looks with timeless appeal and comfort—isn’t that all a guy needs? To help you look sharp for spring, here’s four easy outfits that every guy can sport.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to stick to a classic wardrobe of neutrals, consider these bad boys to be your new go-to spring style staples. Sleek, tailored shapes made of stretch fabrics for movement with ease, this sporty-yet-polished outfit is a sure bet for most occasions this season.

While not every man can afford Barak Obama’s custom bomber jacket, Topman’s affordable alternative provides the same effect for a fraction of the price. With Mack Weldon’s soft, breathable pima cotton T-shirt underneath, any man can look effortlessly cool with maximum comfort. To keep the look sophisticated, Lululemon’s Commission pant has the look of a tailored trouser, but basically feels like your favorite lounge pants, thanks to their ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) engineering and stretch fabric with moisture-wicking technology. And of course, a classic pair of Air Max sneakers needs no explanation.

Once you’ve got a great thigh gap going, don’t be afraid to show it off in the latest spring fashions!


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