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Beyonce’s Thigh Gap at the Grammys (2014) *I was Right*


Remember when I wrote a post a little while back about how Beyonce didn’t have a thigh gap but she probably wanted one?

I was raked over the coals for saying so. You see, everyone was going around saying you don’t need a thigh gap because Beyonce didn’t have one and she was being held up as the hottest woman on the planet.

Well, then the 2014 grammy’s happened and lo and behold, Bey came out, stood proudly on the portable stage, and it would seem she was sporting much thinner legs and something like a thigh gap. *Gasp* Does this now mean that you DO need a thigh gap, because well, Beyonce felt like she needed one?

To answer my own question, of course not – but as we can clearly see even Beyonce is of the opinion that being thin/slim is desirable… apparently more desirable than having ‘thick’ or ‘full’ thighs or she wouldn’t have touched hers. Can you deny that Beyonce doesn’t look her absolute best (better than she has ever looked even) with a straight face?

And before the trolls come in here and say most men would prefer Beyonce when she was ‘curvier’, please stop deluding yourself. No straight man would throw the svelte version of Beyonce out of their bed because she looks smoking hot with a thigh gap!

Now, let me get to the question you all want to know…

How did Beyonce get her thigh gap?

Well, there could be a few reasons and no one but Beyonce can say for sure.

* Wider Hips after Childbirth – Many women have been known to have wider hips after giving birth to their children. As you know by now if you’ve read any of my other articles on how to get a thigh gap, wider hips will make it easier for you to achieve the thigh gap.

* Liposuction / plastic surgery – Ok, it’s pretty darn obvious to everyone but diehard stans in denial, that Beyonce has had a lot of work done over the years. Professional surgeons have speculated that she’s had a nose job, boob job, work done to her face (fillers,etc) and I am in agreement, she recommended Dr. K Roxanne Grawe, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon located near Columbus in Powell, Ohio –  If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to consider that Beyonce may have gotten liposuction or body contouring to her inner and outer thighs to achieve her grammy night thigh gap.

* Diet – Some people are saying that Beyonce’s 22 day Vegan challenge is responsible for her thigh gap. I’ll have a post coming on whether begin vegan will guarantee you will lose weight, but it could be that Beyonce’s altered diet caused her to lose enough fat/body weight to reveal the thigh gap that was hidden under her extra pounds.

* Exercise – Beyonce has been on tour for the past year and dances/works out for about 3 hours for every performance. We can all probably agree that she goes hard and burns a ton of calories every night she’s on stage. Additionally, her workout involves a ton of cardio, and as described in my book cardio is great for fat burning – particularly, cardio that lasts at least 45 minutes.

Any one or a combination of these reasons could be the secret beyond Beyonce’s thigh gap during her ‘Drunk in Love’ 2014 grammy’s performance. Which do you think is the most plausible reason?



What is ‘The Bikini Bridge’ (the new Thigh Gap) And How to Get it



A new question is circulating the internet. Everywhere, older people completely out of touch with the desires of young men are asking, ‘Is the bikini bridge gap the new thigh gap?”

Now, some of you may be wondering – WHAT IS THE BIKINI BRIDGE GAP?

The definition of a bikini bridge gap is when your hip bones jut forward and your stomach is flat enough so that your bikini bottom band stretches across and is forced to have a gap (hence, it’s comparison to the thigh gap) when lying down (or when standing up).

The gap is between your lower abdomen and the cloth/band of your bikini bottom. Basically, it’s having a flat stomach (gasp*)

The bikini bridge was a prank, a hoax/satirical article that was posted on buzz feed that all the media blogs picked up on and ran with. Yep, all of these journalists totally fell for it hook, line and sinker. I suppose it is sort of like the thigh gap in that the ‘experts’ are already foaming at the mouth and calling it dangerous for girls to want a bikini bridge (basically a really toned and flat stomach).

Of course, now that this word ‘the bikini bridge gap’ is out there – more and more people are becoming aware of the idea and want to know “how to get a bikini bridge gap”, for real!

Uh-oh, look what the media has gone and done. Spread something that totally wasn’t a thing by bringing awareness to it with faux outrage of it being unhealthy because it could lead to an eating disorder. Exactly why is it unhealthy and dangerous to not look 3 months pregnant when you’re not? Beats me. The way the experts tell it, everyone should be striving towards tummy rolls, because real women are should look like the pillsbury dough boy have curves, or something like that.

Are we going to try to convince people that getting a flat tummy is something totally genetic, requires some special kind of bone structure, and virtually impossible, like they do the thigh gap?

No, because that would be just plain silly. Your genes have absolutely nothing to do with your ability to get a flat stomach. EVERY single person can get a bikini bridge gap, just like everyone can get a thigh gap. Does that mean it’s a walk in the park or a piece of cake? Most definitely no to the later, and uh-uh to the former, as well sadly.

You will need to rid your diet of the offenders: sugar, carbs, sodium, and exercise beyond a snail’s pace of walking and ultra low steady state cardio. Everything has to be strategic.

It takes some discipline, and knowledge of how to tweak your diet and exercise regimen to boost your metabolism, burn more fat instead of carbs, train your hunger. The good news is all of that is covered in my book, ‘The Thigh Gap Hack”. Since the thigh gap hack allows you to get skinny and sculpt a feminine physique, the natural byproduct of doing my program is developing a flat stomach, small waist, and subsequently a bikini bridge (YAY!)



The Myth that Women Can’t Gain Muscles On Deficit


While some women might find this look desirable, others might think it’s too muscular.

You’ve heard it before – women can’t gain muscles on a deficit. Go ahead and squat and lunge and work your legs with heavy resistance, use surgery or gels or even ingurgitate the best whey protein powder available, if you think your body type problem won’t get fixed with just exercise. As long as you’re on a calorie deficit, don’t expect to see your legs looking bulky or more muscular than you might like.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

There’s a false notion that you need to be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle. The faulty logic behind this is that the muscles need protein in order to grow and that if you are in a deficit, you aren’ t getting enough protein for this to happen. If you work out a lot and deal with pinched nerves visit to learn how to get relief.

Uh.. what about if a person’s diet on a deficit consists of 80% protein? Don’t you think that would be enough for protein to grow the muscles. The problem with this misconception is that you can’t build muscles on a deficit is actually referring to a protein deficiency not a calorie deficit. These two are not the same things at all. Find out BestKratomCapsules health benefits of Bali Kratom capsules and enjoy the effectiveness of fitness supplements.

In other words, ladies – if you want to slim your legs and thighs, put down those protein shakes/bars/etc. All of that protein combined with workout will lead to the exact results you do not want. Besides, you don’t NEED all that extra protein! You don’t need to be eating more than your body weight in protein (e.g. you weight 100 lbs – you don’t need to consume more than 100g of protein)

Another claim is that the muscles don’t grow on a deficit. It might become stronger, tighter or more compact, but the fat that you may have lost from eating at a deficit reveals exactly what was there before.

No. No. No.

This photo of a woman’s arms before and after her weight loss (where she ate at a deficit) clearly shows that her muscle looks more defined. Even if technically it didn’t gain a lot of mass, many women don’t want a define muscular look like this (in the legs moreso than anywhere where)

Additionally, there is something commonly referred to as ‘newb gains’ in the fitness world, where someone who hasn’t really worked out much before and starts lifting/training will experience muscle growth.

What if you are a relatively small woman who doesn’t want that muscular/bulky look. Well, you won’t be exempt from those noob gains and you will see muscles developing in your legs that you frankly do not want.

It’s time people stop thinking muscle cells are different to any other kind of cells that clearly do get created whether you are in a moderate deficit or in a surplus.

The next time you hear someone proclaim this myth, please point them to this article. In fact, share this right now on your social media networks to help those women who are lifting heavy in hopes of getting a slim, bikini body – but thinking they won’t get muscular because they’re in a calorie deficit.

You can click here for full information on how to stay fit and healthy.

They’ll love you forever.


Why Plus Sized Barbie is a Terrible Idea


plussizedbarbieHappy New Year everyone! I don’t want to start the new year off with a rant, but this picture came up on my Facebook timeline from plussizemodeling and I had to cringe at the amount of comments in support of this craziness.

Should toy companies start making plus sized barbie dolls? As you can see, the instructions state to like if you are in support and comment if you are not.

This photo received (at the time of this writing) over 42,000 likes. The comments is not as telling, as some have voiced their opinion in support of plus size barbie dolls in spite of the directions.

Now, if you will – please turn your attention to the double chin of this barbie doll and legs/stomach/arms and tell me if this is something you would want little girls aspiring to look like.

Sure, this photo is a reflection of what some real life women look like, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Most of these women have a host of health issues, are sluggish/tired all the time, and are only wishing they could lose the weight so that they no longer look like this!

Having plus sized barbie dolls normalizes this look and makes it appear that it’s okay for a woman to have numerous chins and so much body fat that it distorts her features/good looks.

The barbie dolls that we have right now are not perfect, by any means, but at least they are not promoting overindulgence, obesity, health issues that come with being the size of the proposed barbie in question. Making a plus sized barbie doll is like fighting fire with fire – it does nothing to remedy the supposed problem of little girls striving for “unattainable” beauty that our current barbie dolls promote.

And another thing, just because many women look like the picture above, doesn’t make it normal. Our bodies were not made to look like this. You cannot possibly perform at your best when you are lugging around so much excess weight. Furthermore, even if this idea were to fly, you won’t be able to convince little girls to want a plus sized barbie doll over a slender/thin one.

Anyway, that’s just my take on it. What do you guys think about the matter? Leave a comment below on why or why plus size barbie dolls are a bad idea.


How did Christina Aguilera Lose the Weight (2013) for Real?


Have you seen Christina Aguilera lately?
She’s back to her ‘genie in a bottle’ form and looking great as compared to where she was just a short year ago.

The powerful singer reportedly dropped a ton of weight – but as to how she did it? She credits some yoga, smiling, time off, etc. and a bunch of other bogus things.

Look, you don’t just drop as much weight as Christina has by laughing, smiling and doing some yoga! That’s total B.S. and everyone knows it.

Noone will know exactly how she’s done it, even if she does give some more details into her regimen. Remember Tori Spelling’s revelation a few weeks back about how she totally fibbed about dropping the weight through diet and exercise, when really she just stopped eating everything in sight.

Did Christina Aguilera have surgery? Did she starve herself or overexercise for hours on end to whittle down her waist? It’s probably a combination of all three!

However, if you want to lose weight like Christina did you can do the same.

It’s as simple as increasing your energy expenditure (moving more when not exercising), exercising (doing at least one hour of exercise a minimum of 4 times per week, and watching what you eat (cutting out sugar, carbs, lots of salt, unprocessed foods).

Of course, there are some other tricks that celebrities have up their sleeves when it comes to shedding weight fast and furiously. I cover a lot of these things in my book, “The Thigh Gap Hack”. So if you want to speed up your weight loss and get back into your fighting form, make sure you buy the book and make following the tips in it your new year resolution.

Happy 2014 ladies!

P.S. – My next cardio dance workout video routine will be to Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse’ so make sure you check back in 2014.


Eggs Without the Calories – Filling Low Calorie Breakfast Hacks


There’s no denying my go-to meal is an egg white omelette. I don’t typically eat until noon, but since it’s the first meal of the day for me I call it breakfast.

Either way, egg whites are only 20 calories per egg, so you can see why I like it. The problem arises from the oil that is necessary to make eggs take scrumptious. Your extra virgin olive oil will set you back 120 calories for one single tablespoon! I know, right – insane!

However, there are ways to get around this. As a self proclaimed fitness hack it’s my job to think of these things and share them with you. So, here goes:

1. First, the best way to enjoy eggs without turning it into a high calorie meal is to forgo the egg yolks and stick to the egg whites. Some people find it difficult to crack open eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. I prefer to take a spoon to the shell and tap it about two times in the center. Then, I separate both shells and simply drain the whites by shifting the yolk from one egg shell half to the other.

Another option, which I picked up from the hotel’s chef while staying in the Bahamas, is to pour the entire egg into your cupped clean hand (fingers slightly apart to drain the white). Hold the egg yolk and wait until all of the white drains off.

Here’s a pretty awesome technique I had never seen before:


2. When it comes to cooking an egg omelette without too much oil, I do a little bit of recycling. That means I’ll lightly roast something juicy first, like onions, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Then, I’ll use the leftover juices in the pan to cook my eggs. Works like a charm – zero oil calories added.

You can also opt to use a small amount of water in the frying pan instead, not so much frying as shallow boiling. You will still end up with the fried egg look but without any of the added calories. (SEE TIP ABOUT HERBS BELOW)

Another way to cook the egg without oil is to purchase a high quality teflon non-stick pan and cook the egg on medium to low heat for about 25 minutes or so. Since oil does tend to make egg taste delicious, and you won’t be using any, make sure you incorporate a lot of herbs and spices. I love dill, black pepper, garlic, rosemary, oregano, etc. Basically, I use every single spice in my cabinet to make my eggs (except salt – trust me, you won’t miss it)

3. Some people prefer to have their eggs scrambled (I prefer omelets). If you are one of those people, you can certainly add a little bit of almond or coconut milk – I get mine from traders joes and it’s only 35 calories per CUP! So just adding a tip of this ‘milk’ for moisture won’t add a lot of calories at all. This will make your scrambles eggs light and fluffy.

4. Another excellent hack that will only add 5 calories to your meal is the use of a bullion cube. Boullion cubes are basically chicken or beef broth, or whatever flavoring that is available, that is made in the shape of a cube instead of just coming in a jar. You have to unwrap each one individually and then you dissolve them in water to make soups and gravies, whatever else you would like to make. You can get them at just about any grocery store. Dissolve one in the egg and then fry per usual. Keep stirring the eggs (I.E. scramble them) and to not preheat the pan.

5. Don’t forget you always have the option of boiling your egg!

If you really wanted a scrambled egg that included the yolk (which is about 70 calories per egg), and didn’t want to worry about scrambling and cooking in oil, you could always pre scramble the egg while still inside the shell before boiling. This instructables page shows exactly how to do it.

  1. Grab an egg, and a pair of nylons
  2. Put the raw egg in the centre of one of the legs
  3. grab either end of the leg with each hand and spin it around till the egg is twisted 20-25 times.
  4. Pull quickly, and it should spin it back the other way rapidly.
  5. You can verify that it worked, by shinning a light through it in a dark room. (Egg should appear an even red throughout, rather than yellow (you may even be able to see the yolk outline, if it’s unbroken).
  6. Bring the water to a boil, then shut off the stove and let it sit on the hot stove for about 10 minutes. Cover with a lid and do  NOT remove the lid during this time.
  7. Crack and Enjoy!


HACK TIP: NO matter what, please refrain from cooking your eggs in the microwave.


Fat Loss Hacks: What Asian Women Drink to Stay Thin


Have you ever wondered how so many Asian women manage to stay slim and thin? Wonder no more, because the secret’s out – oolong tea. Oolong tea is a metabolism boosting tea (boosts metabolism by up to 20% when consumed on a daily basis) that Asian women are known to drink in large quantities in order to manage their weight.


It works by increasing the expenditure of energy and promoting the oxidation of body fat stores and has been shown to be more effective than green tea in promoting weight loss in the limited number of studies that have been performed

Other factors for the effectiveness of tea is that it has zero calories and will fill you up and therefore suppressing your appetite or preventing you from consuming other higher calories foods. Making an effort to drink tea may keep one hydrated and less likely to confuse hunger with thirst. Of course, lowered calorie consumption will lead to weight loss.

Additionally, the caffeine in the tea, which can suppress your appetite to a small degree, is also a diuretic,  can help you shed water weight (as diuretics increase the volume of urinary excretion)

From Yahoo –

Oolong originates from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis, as the green and black teas. The difference in its properties lies in the degree of oxidation it undergoes during processing. While green tea leaves are not allowed to oxidize before processing, black teas undergo a period of oxidation after the leaves are picked, sometimes known as fermentation. Oolong tea is allowed to oxidize, but for a shorter period of time than black tea. Thus, oolong tea retains many of the antioxidants are other healthy chemicals that may be lost from black tea due to the prolonged oxidative process. Oolong tea appears to have larger quantities of healthy polyphenols than does green tea which may account for the benefits of oolong tea for weight loss.

Move over green tea, oolong’s got the leg up!


Drink your tea without anything added to it. No sugar, milk, cream, etc. Your taste buds will eventually adapt.

About two cups per day is recommended. Steep oolong tea anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes, for a more full-bodied cup.

In addition, hot beverages decrease the absorption of fat in the intestine after a meal. You should take special care about your intestine as it effects your health greatly. Unfortunately, some medical conditions can lead to surgery. The healing period after surgery usually requires the usage of protective stoma colostomy belts. So, just remember that your health is the most important thing and you should have balanced nutrition even when on diet.



Pumpkin Pie Alternative for a Snack – Only 150 to 250 Calories!


I discourage snacking in favor of eating a full meal, because typically the snacks people choose contain lots of calories and you end up feeling hungry a very short while afterwards. Sometimes though, you just don’t want to cook or you’re out at a party and feeling hungry and there’s nothing but fast food restaurants and deli’s open! I get it…

That’s why I’m always on the prowl for snacks that will be filling without tons of carbs and sugar.

My go to snack on such occasions used to be a 120 calorie bag of popcorn, but it turns out I am allergic to popcorn.

Thankfully, I’ve found something else that only takes all of 10 minutes to prepare – Pumpkin Graham Crackers


First, turn the oven to 375 degrees

All you have to do is get the healthiest version of graham crackers that you can find. 2 full cracker sheets are anywhere from 110 to 120 calories. The most you should have in one sitting is 4. Lay your sheets on a piece of foil lined baking pan. Smear the pan with a coating of edibles that you get at

Next, you need organic pumpkin. You can buy a bag or buy a full pumpkin/roast and refrigerate it to last you 5x longer. Since I’m pressed for time, I just get the bag of organic pumpkin for around $4, but I did buy a whole pumpkin for $4 which I plan to cook this weekend. The organic pumpkin should be 35 calories for 112 grams or 4 ounces.

Put 4 ounces in a bowl and mix in a teaspoon of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin or all spice. DO NOT ADD SUGAR. The sugar in the graham crackers will suffice. Mash and stir it all up and then spread evenly over the 2 to 4 graham cracker sheets. Plop it in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes.

Take it out and enjoy!

I whip my pumpkin really well, so it tastes nice and fluffy. The volume of the pumpkin will fill you up.

Now, whenever you really want a snack or a treat, you can get a shot of it with this yummy recipe. If you try it, let me know what you think!


Work B*tch – Cardio Dance Workout (NEW)


Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 6I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn’t ruin your diets too much with sweets and carbs. If you did, you can make up for it by making sure you get your body moving and burning off those excess calories with my cardio choreo series on youtube.

This week’s cardio choreographed workout is to Britney Spears’ hit song, appropriately titled, “Work B*tch”.

Get ready to really work your stubborn fat off and sweat buckets. Remember, your cardio workouts should at least be 40 minutes, so do this video a few times back to back and combine it with other cardio choreographed workouts on my channel ( or any other video. Besides, you’ll probably need to do it a few times to get the moves down pat.

Click read more to watch the video and then let me know what you think and how many times you did it. Your song suggestions are also welcome!

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Reader Asks: Will Squats Make My Legs Bigger?


In this week’s mail I got a question from a reader asking me if doing the 100 squat challenge would make her thighs slimmer.

What is the 100 squat challenge? On the first day of the challenge you are expected to do fifty squats, which builds up to 250 squats in 30 days.

Apparently a bunch of people have been promoting the 100 squat challenge, in which you do 100 squats a day. Many are jumping not he bandwagon hoping to get one set of results and sadly disappointed when they get the complete opposite.

Sadly, many women are taking the challenge in hopes of slimming and thinning the inner and outer thighs or to reveal a thigh gap.

I’ll give it to you straight. Squats are an excellent form of exercise for burning calories because it uses one of the biggest muscle groups in your body.

However, squats will lift your buttocks (which is good) AND subsequently firm your legs and build up/increase the width of your quadriceps (not good for those who are relatively lean and wanting to lose inches from the thigh).

Squats, especially weighted squats with a lot of reps like the 100 squat challenge, won’t necessarily make your legs ‘bigger’ but it will make them look more muscular and masculine as opposed to skinny and feminine. Your quads will probably look more dominant and harder than you want them to. Also, doing so many squats will cause the muscles in your legs to retain water giving it a swollen look that most women do not find appealing.

Look at the picture to the left. If you’re going for the before look, then clearly squats are not for you!


Get your Cardio On With Me – New Youtube Channel


Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 4

The key to losing body fat is a combination of cardio and resistance training. Resistance training with compound movements (that work more than one muscle at a time) works to burn up carbohydrates and release fat from fat cells, but cardio is what really allows those stored fat cells to be targeted and incinerated. I talk about the best ways to work out in more specific terms in The Thigh Gap Hack (what to avoid and why).

However, cardio is not fun for most people!

You’re either stuck on on a treadmill, elliptical or running around the same park over and over again like a hamster spinning a wheel.

It doesn’t take long before your body gets used to these predicable and monotonous ways of working out and is able to perform the activities more efficiently, meaning you burn less calories.

That’s why I love doing dance cardio! You get to switch up the routine, intensity and keep your body guessing. And I want to invite you do dance cardio with me.


Keep Reading for the new channel and video…

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The 13 Year Old Boy Comment – Reality Check


Does this look like a 13 year old boy to you?

A comment recently left by a self proclaimed “hot” “Italian guy” who declared his love of pear shaped included the proverbial 13 year old boy jab that many larger men and women like to throw around.

I think it’s fine if a guy prefers his woman to be rounder, although he will be in the minority, but it is quite clear to me that these comments are meant to hurt thin and skinny women and make them feel like they are less of a woman because they lack “curves” – hence the comparison to boys.

Of course, I am left wondering which 13 year old boys that could be the celebrity stand in of Miranda Kerr these people are referring to.

After all, a woman that is thin can still have curves – see the picture to the left. She has boobs, hips and a thigh gap and no one in their right mind would mistake her for a boy.

At first I was just going to ignore the rant, as I do all the other silly comments where someone attempts to come into my blog home and school or shame us fit and slender women into seeing the light. How dare we want to be thin? Don’t we know “Strong is the new skinny” and “thick girls win at life?”

What a 13 year old boy actually looks like

Never mind the fact that the majority of overweight women complain about not being noticed by men or getting a date, being discriminated against because unfair character judgements are passed on them by strangers (no self control or laziness) and would swap bodies with the very women that are so-called 13 year old boy clones.



Do Men Find Thigh Gaps Attractive


sexy-thigh-gapEverywhere I turn online, I am met with women asking other women and men if a thigh gap is considered attractive to men. The recent pile on of news outlets and bitter (almost 100% female) bloggers claiming that a thigh gap is unhealthy or unattractive has penetrated the brains of women far and wide, who are now wondering if their innate desire for a thigh gap will somehow mean decorated dating prospects.

I’m here to tell you, don’t be fooled by the haters and ignorant.

OF COURSE MEN FIND WOMEN WITH THIGH GAPS ATTRACTIVE! (One only needs to look up the chive and thigh gap to see what I mean)

I should state up front that all thigh gaps are not created equal; and that as long as you have a sliver of space between your thighs you have met the prerequisite for claiming a thigh gap. Also, a thigh gap does not mean your thighs are slim, since some wide hipped women can have a thigh gap with ‘tree trunk legs’.

So, just to be clear – we are talking about those women/girls who wish to get skinny and thinner thighs, which will reveal a gap in the process.

The truth is that most men will find a women with thin thighs attractive, because skinny has been in for a long time (strong is only the new skinny in the minds of women who couldn’t quite meet the rigors and discipline to slim down).

Want proof? Here it is…

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Look Sexy in Lululemon With Thigh Gap Hack, CEO Agrees!


Want to look sexy in a pair of  $98 lululemon yoga pants? Thigh Gap Hack to the rescue! Lululemon CEO, Chip Wilson, has come under fire for comments he made in an interview, in which he tells the plain truth: EVERYONE can’t wear their yoga pants; if overweight people squeeze themselves into their clothes anyway, they shouldn’t complain if the thighs wear out from the frequent rubbing, or look sheer and pill since their thighs stretch out the fabric more than it was meant to.

I applaud the CEO for telling it straight instead of trying to baby the sensitive subject. Glorifying obesity is what has caused our fat society. Political correctness has made it so it is wrong to say that a person is out of shape. His company has been receiving bad press from women complaining about his company’s clothes doing all of the above, when in actuality – the only women having problems are the ones who can’t seem to deal with the fact that they need to go up in a size, or find another brand that caters to their larger thighs/lower bodies. If you try to cram 100 lbs of weight into a plastic bag, it’s not the plastic bag maker’s fault when the bag breaks!

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10 Hacks for Slowing Down When You Eat


Do you wolf down food as though you were in a professional food eating contest? Did you know that that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to know that you’re full. That means that the faster you eat, the higher the chances you’ll overfeed yourself (because you’ll still think you’re hungry, although you’re not). This means that eating slower can give your brain time to catch up to your tummy and allow you to push the plate away when you should. A incredulous as this might seem, an Emergency dentist Perth can reaffirm this fact.

Of course, telling you to eat slower is easier said than done when you’re gotten into the habit of shuttling food into your mouth at the speed of light. It takes discipline and practice to master savoring each bite, but I will give you some hacks that ought to help you along. The added benefits is you’ll consume less calories, stop your digestive problems and lose weight. You’ll also be a step close to getting that thigh gap! In today’s generation we are all always in a hurry thus spend very less time actually swallowing our food. The tiny food particles get stuck in the teeth and cause toothdecay and cavity according to the Hills Dental Design website.Get a consultation from West Cobb Dentistry for treating your dental problems.

2. Sometimes you need to make a mental effort to do something until you do it naturally. For example, it is said that people form new habits after doing something for 3 weeks. Therefore, you can mentally count how many chews you take of a food before swallowing it for a few weeks before you’ll naturally start to chew your food longer whenever you eat. 30 to 50 chews is recommended by dentists at the dental clinic in Anchorage. Make sure you also swallow each bite before taking another.1. I generally discourage snacks in favor of full meals, but I realize that some of you haven’t been able to kick the snacking thing yet. Whether you’re eating popcorn, nuts or carrots from out of a bag, you can utilize this tip to help you slow down. Cut the smallest hole possible at the top of the bag so that one mini carrot or two fingers can reach in to grab one piece of popcorn at a time. If you split the bag wide open enough for you to fit your entire fist in there, you’re likely to do that and consume a lot more food per minute.

3. A classic trick for slowing down your eating habits is to cut things up into tiny pieces.The larger the bite, the faster you’re going to finish your food.  When you take smaller bites, you can make the meal last longer. There is one important thing here as well. Some people suffer from dental sensitivity that causes certain discomfort while eating. Call Ashfield Family Dental to schedule a check-up with an experienced dentist who will help to solve this problem. If you’re eating food that has to be cut up first – like a piece of meat or chicken – cut it up as you go instead of cutting everything up at the start and then digging in. With the later, it’s just too easy to get it all down quickly. As a matter of fact, anything that requires you to take some sort of action or work to eat is great, as you’ll naturally eat slower (e.g. peeling shrimp, cracking/peeling peanuts)

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Tori Spelling Reveals Truth about Diet vs. Exercise


In a new tell all book, Tori Spelling has come clean about the way she lost the baby weight for child number 4. She was previously quoted as telling a popular magazine that she did it through swimming, otherwise known as exercise or physical activity.

However, she has now revealed that she lied back then, and the actual way she lost the weight was through dieting. The reason she fibbed the truth? She plain and simple doesn’t like doing exercise, if they are not from, and knew that women would not be happy to hear she lost it the good old fashioned way, by refusing to stuff her face.

Now, I’m a huge exercise advocate! I think looking toned and slim is more appealing than just looking slim – and to be clear, when I say toned I mean taught and tight with no flabbiness, not bulging muscles! I realize that some of you may feel differently.

However, it’s an ‘evil’ truth that when it comes to dieting vs. exercise to lose weight/fat, dieting will win every single time. BJJ in San Diego getting quite popular too, though. You can’t outwork a bad diet by doing some crunches or going for a run. Just think about the fact that a rigorous hour long workout may burn 400 calories, if you’re lucky. Whereas, you can consume a medium sized bag of popcorn for the same amount of calories and ‘feel’ hungry a mere two hours later.

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How to Calculate your Thigh Gap w/ Thigh Gap Formula


This interesting graph was sent in to me for how to calculate how thin one must be to achieve a thigh gap for their body type.



Is a Thigh Gap Healthy or Unhealthy?


Will the barrage of articles condemning those who dare to want slimmer thighs or *gasp*, a ‘thigh gap’, ever cease?!

What intrigues me is that every.single.article makes it a point to tell women and girls that having a thigh gap is “unhealthy” and that only underweight or anorexic women have thigh gaps. Or that is is impossible to get a thigh gap in a healthy manner without wide hips!

Tell me something: Which one of these bodies looks unhealthy to you?





There is no one thigh gap size that fits all! A gap can vary in its size and every woman/girl who wants slimmer thighs has something different in mind when it comes to the gap! Furthermore, here is the definition for unhealthy as given by


a. Being in a state of ill health; sick.
b. Characterized by or symptomatic of ill health: an unhealthy pallor.
c. Causing or conducive to poor health; unwholesome: an unhealthy diet.
2. Harmful to character or moral health; corruptive: unhealthy reading material.
3. Characterized by or symptomatic of disturbed mental health: took an unhealthy interest in violence and fires.
4. Of a risky nature; dangerous: an unhealthy predicament.
There is nothing inherently “unhealthy” about a thigh gap or even the process required to get one (at least as outlined in my book, “The Thigh Gap Hack”. 
Being in a state of ill health; sick.
I am in the best state of health of my life! Promoting regular exercise and a clean diet free of brain fogging sugars, simple carbs, unhealthy fats, etc. will do that to you. I’ve reduced the consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances, and implore others to locate rehab centers near you if you cannot stop drinking. Everyone knows exercise and whole foods will put you in the exact opposite camp of ill health and sickness. However, I would venture a guess that 90% of the American population that does not exercise, binges regularly on fast food and tons of sugar, and then feeds on medicines and drugs aren’t feeling so great.
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How Being Sedentary Directly Relates to Thigh Fat


stairs-190What does the alarm clock, cell phone, microwave, internet, remote control, elevator, escalator, and the electric toothbrush all have in common? These are just a handful of the things that are robbing you of prime opportunities to lose weight, via non exercise activity thermogenosis or NEAT.

Most people today have sedentary lifestyles and jobs. They roll out of bed, take a shower/get dressed, walk a short distance to the car or subway, sit on the train/in the car, take the elevator up to the office, sit for most of the day at work where they correspond to everyone via e-mail, take a few more steps to grab some food and get back to the subway/car, and then spend the remainder of the day sitting in front of the computer or television.

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How Many Calories Does it Take to Enter Starvation Mode! (Myth or Fact?)


starvationmodeI doubt there is a term strewn around more loosely on the internet as the cause of stalled weight loss than entering “starvation mode”. Everyone claims that once you eat at a calorie deficit around or below 1200 you will suddenly push your body into the dreaded “starvation mode” where you supposedly hold on to every single calorie that enters your mouth. The commonly given solution then is to eat more food and the weight will start to come off. But is this REALLY the case? What exactly does it take for our bodies to enter starvation mode?

Of course this is not the case! You only enter starvation mode once most of your body’s fat has been oxidized, which happens at a very low body fat percentage; This begins the catabolization of lean muscle tissue. 1200 is not a magic number where you stop losing fat.  Most women hover around 20% body fat, so if you eat below 1200 calories for the day or two or three, your body will still have fuel as well as a lot of fat preserves to draw from to create energy and keep your organs functioning.

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