Do Men Find Thigh Gaps Attractive


sexy-thigh-gapEverywhere I turn online, I am met with women asking other women and men if a thigh gap is considered attractive to men. The recent pile on of news outlets and bitter (almost 100% female) bloggers claiming that a thigh gap is unhealthy or unattractive has penetrated the brains of women far and wide, who are now wondering if their innate desire for a thigh gap will somehow mean decorated dating prospects.

I’m here to tell you, don’t be fooled by the haters and ignorant.

OF COURSE MEN FIND WOMEN WITH THIGH GAPS ATTRACTIVE! (One only needs to look up the chive and thigh gap to see what I mean)

I should state up front that all thigh gaps are not created equal; and that as long as you have a sliver of space between your thighs you have met the prerequisite for claiming a thigh gap. Also, a thigh gap does not mean your thighs are slim, since some wide hipped women can have a thigh gap with ‘tree trunk legs’.

So, just to be clear – we are talking about those women/girls who wish to get skinny and thinner thighs, which will reveal a gap in the process.

The truth is that most men will find a women with thin thighs attractive, because skinny has been in for a long time (strong is only the new skinny in the minds of women who couldn’t quite meet the rigors and discipline to slim down).

Want proof? Here it is…

Most of the very wealthy and attractive men in the world have pursued women with thin thighs and thigh gaps


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  • Morgan

    Are you kidding me? “Strong is only the new skinny in the minds of women who couldn’t quite meet the rigors and discipline to slim down”? I understand that it is extremely difficult to ‘slim down’ but at least we know that if you are strong or tone that you are healthy! If you are skinny it is possible to be healthy, but most women who aspire to be thin do so in unhealthy and harming ways. Articles like this show young women that ALL guys find thigh gaps attractive, and that they are attainable by all body types. NOT ALL MEN FIND THIGH GAPS ATTRACTIVE!!! Every man has a different opinion, and to be honest most men don’t care. Having a thigh gap doesn’t define you, who you are and what you do does. If you are willing to harm yourself in order to be thin or attain any goal, IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

    And by saying that “Most of the very wealthy and attractive men in the world have pursued women with thin thighs and thigh gaps”, is assuming that every women should want the most wealthy and attractive man, and that if they should want a thigh gap, it is for said man. You shouldn’t want the most wealthy or attractive man, you should want the man that loves you, and who you love; that isn’t defined by wealth or attractiveness. And those qualities shouldn’t matter when finding your loved one.

    • Denise

      Women are never satisfied. I have a thigh gap and I find it to be embarrassing, When someone brings it to my attention, I am even more mortified. I refuse to wear leggings unless I am wearing a long shirt.

      • hunnygirl

        me too.. it is embarssing.. i wonder if it’s because it shows our privates off in a more obvious way. i don’t feel comfortable in leggins either..

    • Yes to strong or toned. Well said!

  • :(

    This article was written by a sad, vapid person

  • Ellie

    I love my “tree trunk legs”. Imagine how hard I could kick you!

  • Ellie

    I remember when I was 12 and had my first go on the internet. Oh, the days of yore…

  • Gurl ✌️

    And your user name is ‘a real fucking man’ hahahahahaha

  • Gurl ✌️

    And I’d love to know what Beyonce would say about this haha! She doesn’t have one and look at her!

  • El Payaso

    Gross. Give me a woman with thick thighs anyday.

  • Danish Day

    I have a thigh gap and I’m perfectly fine with it. However, thigh gaps are not necessary and if a woman doesn’t already have it, she will most likely never achieve it. My advice: Spend your time with something more important than your dream gap.

  • Danish Day


  • Paul

    ^ a scam … A) “SKIN WILL GLOW” ? this is clearly a woman. B) no man would ever claim to “NEVER EVER DATE A GIRL WHO DOES NOT HAVE A THIGHGAP” because men DO NOT make ultimatums for hot girls, they’re just glad one is finally paying attention to them. C) lets face it, if you’re a man who can be that picky then you’re not online writing comments about “RAW VEGAN HIGH CARB DIET” or using the word “VEGGIES”.

    Funny though that you think all caps and a lot of swearing makes you sound more like a guy.

  • Jess

    Lmao to this website I stumbled upon. How am I a girl and never even heard of a thigh gap or let alone every man wanting one. And before someone including the creator of the website goes on a rant about how I must be fat and ugly to possibly not care about thigh gaps- I have awesome athletic legs and ass (which I work harder to make bigger not skinnier?) and a 22 inch waistline. So not a valid argument. Maybe instead of spending all your time on thigh gaps you should be getting an education or doing anything more productive than ranting and obsessing and creating websites about a space between your thighs? Just a thought lol. Carry on if you must

    • thighgaphack

      You sure do have a lot of time on your hands to be stumbling upon this website and then taking the time to read and comment on it. Girl bye

  • Ninad Ganore

    Thigh gaps look awesome

  • MrNiceGuy

    Here’s my take, you either have one or you don’t. As long as you are happy what you have then everything is ok. To be honest I really don’t care.

  • real men


    this website is promoting thigh gap jus because its the name of website..
    if it accept the fact that being normal( thck thigh or no gap ) is attractive to men,,

    then nobody will come here and buy thier stuff..!!

    all of my friends and me love thighs with no gap..!!

    thigh gap jus looks as some weird transformation from being normal..!!it doesnt seems attractive..!!

  • Every Guy on the planet

    Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, be she with thigh gap or without. Don’t let trends or anything other people say define who you are or what you should look like (Besides the crazy and publically offensive stuff like vulgar T-shirts and piercings and tatoos and what not, you should look how you want to).

    If you are a woman (Or even man) and you are reading this, know that the most important factor regarding your looks is if you yourself think you are beautiful. (And you are: Refer to line 1)

    On the other hand, as every person who doesn’t have a thigh gap and says they don’t like it, is rightfully justified in doing so, so does every person who likes thigh gaps. Men who like thigh gaps are not shallow pervs or encouraging unhealthy behaviours (Because you can get a thigh gap without unhealthy dieting) it is a personal preference, that’s all.

    Personally, I find thigh gaps highly attractive on both men and women (That’s why i’m working to get one) and even though women without thigh gaps must certainly be very beautiful in somebody else’s eyes, (Personally) I wouldn’t ever date a girl without a gap. XD

  • Nadia Cheenwah

    …um, I can barely believe I even care to comment, but I had to look up this so called “thigh gap”, as I was informed of mine today. I just wanna say that I’m 175lbs, & that it must NOT have much if anything to do with stature and weight. I’ve been told I’m “big bones” all my life…But men certainly don’t seem to mind one bit! And as far as this article and “thigh gap” wars – if you don’t have time to worry about anything else but a thigh gap, you have major first world problem issues, and should consult your nearest department store to fulfill your daily consumer quotas before you respond further…And SERIOUSLY, May I suggest the hobby isle?