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My Problem with the Summer Body (aka beach body or bikini body)


You hear it all the time, “I’m working on my summer body”.

Yes, I obviously totally get the idea behind the saying. We tend to show a lot more skin during warm weather months so you want your body to be super on point during that season, we suggest to check, where you will find great information about the right way to take care of your skin.

And places where it feels like summer all year around (like Rio, where I recently visited) tend to have a fitter population thanks to having a lot more beach days – or so I was told by my Brazilian friend.

However, the problem with the term, “summer body” is that it gives a lot of people the mentality that they can go from 5k to couch for the other seasons and let themselves go – eating like crap and gaining a lot of weight during “off season”.

Then around early or mid spring diet and workout like a crazed person in order to get their body summer ready.

Guys, it’s so much harder to lose weight than it is to put it on.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to be super regimented during the holidays that center around eating good food. Women are famous for multi-tasking. You can still participate in that AND not let your eating habits get out of control or totally drop your workout routines.

But the best way to go is to ditch the seasonal body idea and work on remaining in good shape 365 days a year. After all, you can’t exactly let yourself go if you want to look bomb in your skin tight leather pants.