The 13 Year Old Boy Comment – Reality Check


Does this look like a 13 year old boy to you?

A comment recently left by a self proclaimed “hot” “Italian guy” who declared his love of pear shaped included the proverbial 13 year old boy jab that many larger men and women like to throw around.

I think it’s fine if a guy prefers his woman to be rounder, although he will be in the minority, but it is quite clear to me that these comments are meant to hurt thin and skinny women and make them feel like they are less of a woman because they lack “curves” – hence the comparison to boys.

Of course, I am left wondering which 13 year old boys that could be the celebrity stand in of Miranda Kerr these people are referring to.

After all, a woman that is thin can still have curves – see the picture to the left. She has boobs, hips and a thigh gap and no one in their right mind would mistake her for a boy.

At first I was just going to ignore the rant, as I do all the other silly comments where someone attempts to come into my blog home and school or shame us fit and slender women into seeing the light. How dare we want to be thin? Don’t we know “Strong is the new skinny” and “thick girls win at life?”

What a 13 year old boy actually looks like

Never mind the fact that the majority of overweight women complain about not being noticed by men or getting a date, being discriminated against because unfair character judgements are passed on them by strangers (no self control or laziness) and would swap bodies with the very women that are so-called 13 year old boy clones.


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  • Ellie

    Well, she looks far less feminine than I do, with my pear shape and all. She doesn’t even have a waist to speak of! Poor thing. She looks like she’d break in a strong headwind

    • amandapanda

      You have got to be KIDDING me. There is nothing frail looking or unfeminine about that woman at all. Your obnoxious “poor thing” comment comes off as disingenuous, jealous, and bitter. I am amazed at how much energy some women are willing to waste nit-picking women’s bodies, fat or thin. I personally thought this thigh gap thing was a joke and stumbled here wondering if it was satire–apparently it isn’t? It’s a weird thing for people to be concerned about, imo. But–while no one should put down overweight women, the solution to “thin privilege” isn’t to “take those thin girls down a peg” by criticising them or pretending they’re unattractive. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Queen Latifah are ALL examples of beautiful women in many different shapes–if your idea of “body positive” is to say “only fat should be considered pretty now” then you’re doing it wrong.