The Breakfast of Thin-pions: How You Start your Day matters


breakfast1What are you eating for breakfast or your first meal of the day? If it’s cereal, fruits and/or carb heavy like pancakes or bagels and cream cheese, you are setting yourself up for an uphill battle. Consuming those types of foods has been proven to lead to a cycle of eating habits throughout the remainder of the day that inevitably accrues more calories than choosing different foods as your first meal. I’ve already mentioned that sugary/carby foods equals cravings for more sugary/carby foods and quite quickly as well, as you are not satiated for long after consuming them.

But, there is a breakfast food that I know from first hand experience, and it helps that there are studies to back me up, that keeps me full for hours upon hours (we are talking approximately 5 to 6 hours, with no cravings to speak of and that is the “EGG WHITE”.

Now, why the egg white and not the entire egg? I cannot stress enough the importance of kicking unnecessary calories out of your foods. Foods that you can barely detect/taste and that are not essential to the meal should be GONE. For example, I used to eat my egg white omelettes with two  slices of spelt bread, vegan mayonnaise on each bread, tomatoes, a slice of avocado, salad and a high calorie dressing. This would add up to over 500 calories!

However, I noticed that when I would go out to restaurants for breakfast I would still immensely enjoy my egg white omelettes which would only be accompanied by a few slices of roasted potatoes, a light salad, and a cup of green tea, clocking in at around 200 calories or less. I would be feel equally satiated for a long period of time due to the high protein content of the egg whites and didn’t need the bread/mayo/etc for enjoy my meal.

Now, one of my methods of hunger training is to pare down my ingredients to 3 or 4 essentials and make up the taste with harmless spices/herbs. Eat this way for 3 weeks, which is the amount of time it takes to generally develop a habit, and you won’t even remember what you at first might think you are missing out on! Also, for those who absolutely need to have a sandwich of some sort, opt for roasted mushroom caps instead of bread for your egg white sandwiches!


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