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Do Men Find Thigh Gaps Attractive

sexy-thigh-gapEverywhere I turn online, I am met with women asking other women and men if a thigh gap is considered attractive to men. The recent pile on of news outlets and bitter (almost 100% female) bloggers claiming that a thigh gap is unhealthy or unattractive has penetrated the brains of women far and wide, who are now wondering if their innate desire for a thigh gap will somehow mean decorated dating prospects.

I’m here to tell you, don’t be fooled by the haters and ignorant.

OF COURSE MEN FIND WOMEN WITH THIGH GAPS ATTRACTIVE! (One only needs to look up the chive and thigh gap to see what I mean)

I should state up front that all thigh gaps are not created equal; and that as long as you have a sliver of space between your thighs you have met the prerequisite for claiming a thigh gap. Also, a thigh gap does not mean your thighs are slim, since some wide hipped women can have a thigh gap with ‘tree trunk legs’.

So, just to be clear – we are talking about those women/girls who wish to get skinny and thinner thighs, which will reveal a gap in the process.

The truth is that most men will find a women with thin thighs attractive, because skinny has been in for a long time (strong is only the new skinny in the minds of women who couldn’t quite meet the rigors and discipline to slim down).

Want proof? Here it is…

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