From Camille   Author, Speaker, Body Contouring Specialist
From Camille
Author, Speaker, Body Contouring Specialist


Camille is a bestselling author, television personality, entrepreneur, and health and wellness expert.  With her role as trainer, wellness expert and life hacking coach, Hugh has created a brand name for herself as a trusted authority on the topic of strategic body contouring for women. 
Every week she motivates thousands in the form of online workout videos, a highly read blog which receives over 40,000 hits every month, and e-mail newsletter. 
She has been interviewed as an expert on The Dr. Oz Show, The Jenny Hutt Show on Sirius FM, and her work has been reviewed in Spry Magazine, as well as numerous other publications (blogs/websites/magazines).
As a motivator and role model, Camille has a personal connection with her audience that stems from her 35 pound weight loss journey toward her desired body. Besides losing the weight she was also able to contour a modelesque physique, which she had been told – and previously beleived – was ‘impossible’ through a strategic contrived combination of exercise and diet. 
Her experience is the driving force behind her stance of creating a safe haven for women to express and go after their body goals, in a healthy manner. Camille has used her platform as a way to discourage thin shaming and body policing, and as such her community of followers are thankful and loyal to her work. 
Camille has been a fitness devotee and expert and wellness coach for a number of years. In the past, she has taught group cardio classes at Lucille Roberts. She has studied a wide range of dance, from jazz to hip hop to contemporary at Vassar College, where she attended as an undergrad. Other forms of exercise Camille has been a devoted student of include Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and martial arts. 
Camille holds a masters of business administration degree from Pace University, and is currently in production on a fitness DVD series from her new Thigh Gap Hack Workout Collection. The first title of which is “Bye-bye Thunder Thighs”, a 60 minute working fusing dance, stretching and toning exercises scheduled for release in March 2014. The DVD is available for pre-order on her site,
Camille lives with her family in New York. When she’s not writing a new book, she enjoys traveling, writing screenplays, working out and catching up with friends and family.


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