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From Camille Author, Body Contoujing Specialist



Hi, my name is Camille and I have an unusual question to ask you. When you hear the words ‘hot girl’ who comes to mind? Has anyone ever called you ‘hot’? Have you ever thought about what puts someone in that category and how you could join the exclusive hot girl club?

I have, and I bet you have too.

Let me let you in on a little secret that once you see my before picture will give you a good laugh. A few years ago, I thought I was in that club. To be clear, I never believed I was God’s Gift to mankind, but with some makeup, the right hairstyle, clothes, shoes and accessories I was convinced I could be fierce.

Boy was I wrong!

To illustrate my point, imagine two Victoria Secret Models standing side by side who are identical twins. They both have the same hair, outfit, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc.

The only difference is one is flaunting a toned, thin and well proportioned figure and the other is overweight, with stomach rolls, cellulite, and no discernible feminine shape.

Obviously, most people wouldn’t need more than a few seconds to decide one was hot and one was not, despite all but one variable not being the same



You see, what makes a woman hot is not how she adorns herself. Plain and simple, it’s her body. You know it and I know it. But, for some reason, I didn’t apply those parameters to myself. Since my body wasn’t petite, thin and well proportioned, I focused on the things I could easily control like my makeup, clothes, hair, shoes and accessories instead in my litmus test.

Now, if we’re honest with each other, other girls and guys aren’t sizing you up by your great taste over your body when judging whether or not you are attractive (either as a dating prospect or competition).

Your body is what determines whether guys will find any excuse to talk to you or look right pass you, and stop your girlfriends from assuming she gets the pick of the litter when you hang out.

I should also add that I’ve seen too many girls with dirty hair, raggedy clothes and a plain face get attention from some of the most successful, gorgeous men because of their beautiful feminine bodies. Everything else is just icing on the cake to a man.




Why do I bring this up? Well, during my fatter days I came across an article, which talked about your dating market value. I was on the closing end of a relationship at the time and knew I’d be back in the market soon, so this particular article appealed to me.

The article said that if you wanted to know your ‘dating market value score’, take a look at the hottest guy that had seriously tried to date you in a year. You are the same number or one number less because most people won’t want to date down and can’t date up (rich men being the exception). So if the hottest guy who has tried to do more than bed you is a 6, you are about a 6 to everyone else.

While that sinks in, I don’t want you to get all sad and discouraged because in a little while I’m going to tell you exactly how any woman can jump from a 6 or lower to a 9 or 10 if she really wants to! And since seeing is believing, I’m going to show you pictures of women who’ve done just that.

I’m also going to share the story of how I stepped out of denial about my own looks and status on the dating market and made the transition into being an official member of “the hot girl” club, so that you can know that your trainer (that’s me) has travelled your exact same path and can assure you, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Some trainers will pretend to be perfect and never admit to the real struggle, but I believe telling our whole story is what inspires others. I’ll share the lows of hopelessness and desperation which came from grasping for answers in the dark, and getting “help” that only set me back further from my goal.

One of the worst feelings in the world is to yearn for something we’ve always wanted and feeling like it’s out of our control! It’s the ultimate feeling of defeat.

I used to feel the same exact way.




About 4 years ago I attended my high school reunion and was hit smack dab in the face with what I had allowed myself to become: fat, undesirable and in denial. I almost didn’t attend that reunion because deep down I was ashamed of what others would think. If you’ve ever skipped an event or avoided seeing people because they’ll be wondering ‘what happened to her’ or ‘boy, she really let herself go’, then you know all too well the embarrassment I was trying to avoid.

But, this time I couldn’t dig my head in the sand and hide out because I had promised a good friend a ride and felt guilty about leaving her stranded. In hindsight, I’m not really sure what prompted me to commit to going in the first place. Maybe I thought I would miraculously lose the weight by the day of the reunion, or that I could just easily back out, as always. Either way, I reluctantly found myself back at my old high school campus.

Take a look at the picture to the left. That’s me in the green shirt with the protruding belly and fat thighs hiding behind my jacket and a friend at my reunion. I know, not cute! I can barely look at that picture without cringing. This is actually the picture that made me realize something had to give, and was the turning point in my life.

If you’re reading this page right now, I am sure you can relate to what I am saying in some way and you’ve had your own light bulb moment.

* Perhaps none of your old clothes fit leaving you chained to sweat suits or forced to buy yet another size up.
* Maybe your boyfriend has just broken up with you or is treating you poorly and you’re tired of staying because you think no one else will want you.
* Or maybe you’re tired of being the recluse who has to turn down yet another invitation to a party, others have given up and stopped inviting you out or stopped wanting to be around you altogether because you’re unhappy and miserable all the time.

Whatever the case may be, I applaud you for taking the first step of rightly seeking help and knowledge that can help you turn your life around. I know it would be much easier to wallow in self pity, hate on the skinny chicks, convince yourself that you’re a BBW or believe there’s no way you could ever be a thin girl and give up hope.

But you didn’t do any of that. You’re not giving up on yourself or willing to be delusional anymore. You’re not a quitter and you know in the back of your mind that if others can do it, there’s NO REASON you can’t do it too.




The second I got home from my reunion, I began actively trying to lose weight the best way I knew how: by trying the safest, most sound ways to transform my body.

That meant following basic conventional advice to eat less, and move more.

As it turns out, I was successful pretty fast with lowering my overall body fat, dropping weight and toning up my upper body. However, the fat on my lower body (inner and outer thighs, hips and bubble butt) wouldn’t budge! This drove me crazy and I vowed to defeat the stubborn lower boy fat that threw my body out of proportion if it was the last thing I did. But it was apparent I would need some outside help to do so.



First, I turned to the so called ‘fitness experts’ for help and advice. Who exactly are the ‘fitness experts’? They are the body builders, athletes and personal trainers who dole out one size fit all fitness advice all over the Internet and in fitness books.

After dealing with the scoffs about why I should embrace “looking strong”, disregarding the calls to increase my upper body so that my lower body would look smaller and, best of all, listening to claims that I couldn’t change my body, I managed to eek out some instruction from a few “experts” on what to do. So, like any good pupil, I diligently implemented and followed the plan given to me day in and day out.

Can you guess what happened next?

To make a long story short, for my effort I was rewarded with muscular quads and an increase of two inches to my thighs. Yeah, exactly the opposite result of what I was trying to accomplish!

It’s no wonder though, given I was taking advice from MEN who had never actually succeeded, struggled or even tried to get skinny thighs/legs before in their lives (men tend to not store a lot of fat in this area and usually train to get bigger thighs/legs).

I was livid, but I wasn’t deterred. I stopped doing the exercises that had been prescribed to me and began to dig deeper in more unconventional places. That’s finally when my eyes started to open.

I waded through loads of conflicting advice and crap before I would stumble upon a gem hidden 20 pages deep in a message board. I combed out of print fitness books, spent hours reading AND THEN deciphering studies that flew in the face of conventional fitness wisdom, and went out of my way to ask other women with the physique I wanted to share some insight into the secrets that worked.

If this sounds like a lot of work, IT WAS, but I was hooked. It was like I was an information junkie. Some nights I’d only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep, but the stuff I was learning was fascinating to me because in many cases IT WAS THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what I had been taught by fitness experts and conventional wisdom all my life and IT WAS WORKING.

While I was gathering all of this information, I would apply the strategies to myself and even tested my own variations based on what I was learning. Almost right away I started to see EVEN FASTER results, and my friends and family couldn’t believe how I was transforming before their very eyes!




Finally, I had found the magic formula. The fat was falling off so steadily that I kept having to buy new clothes! Eventually I outright stopped buying new clothes because I was able to do something I could never do before. I could keep losing the weight until I got to my ideal size and then switch over to maintenance anytime I wanted to. On my program, hitting a plateau was never an issue. That’s how well the techniques worked.

One day, I was going through my old clothes and came across a skirt that I had purchased in Japan when I was about 15 years old. I couldn’t fit into the size 0 skirt when I bought it because everyone in Japan is super tiny, but I remember even back then telling myself that I would buy it as motivation to lose weight.

The day that I slipped the skirt on and zipped it up comfortably I was so happy, I knew I couldn’t keep my hacks to myself. The fat had literally disappeared from the bubble butt I had lived with all my life. The unsightly fat above my knees that gave my legs a short, stubby look, which I had always believed were hereditary, wasn’t there anymore. And my thunder thighs…. let me tell you about my thunder thighs!

I vividly remember looking at girls who were naturally tall, skinny and lithe and wondering why I couldn’t have thin thighs that didn’t rub when I walked (chub rub), show dimples when I crossed my legs, or look vulgar when I wore cute cut offs. I’d see supermodels like Naomi Campbell cross her legs and delicately tuck one foot behind the other calf and couldn’t do the same because my thigh fat got in the way.

LOL. I know this seems like something really silly, but one of my goals was to finally be able to do that (without struggling)! Now I do it almost every day. In fact, here’s an exercise tip.


Sitting on a chair, cross one leg leg over the other and tuck the top leg’s foot behind the bottom leg’s calf so your thighs are squeezing together. Complete little pulses of the inner thigh – 50 to 100 in a set, 1 to 3 sets. This is one of my hacked exercise variations that works and you’ll be hard pressed to find this exercise anywhere else but here.

By the way, I know you’re wondering, so to your right I’ve posted my after picture. As you can see, I’ve completely re contoured the shape of my lower body, which I once thought was impossible to do without the help of expensive liposuction.

I should also add, that I did this without starving myself, throwing up, or exercising more than 5 days per week.

The key is when you know what to do and what not to do you are able to be a lot more efficient with your time. There’s no reason to turn to dangerous, drastic measures when you’re 100% certain of what works and not sidetracked by the latest crazy fitness/diet fad.

This is why I wrote, “The Thigh Gap Hack”



If you had a girlfriend who seemed to be losing weight almost effortlessly, you’d want to pick her brain about what she eats, what exercises she does and expect for her to tell you step by step how you could follow in her footsteps, right?

I don’t blame you!

Almost everyone I knew wanted to know my secrets. I was super excited to tell everyone who would ask, as a way of paying it forward for those women who shared their tips with me.

As I worked with more and more women, I realized how many had been harming themselves and their metabolisms in a quest for a beautiful body. They falsely thought it was the only way.

It became apparent that I needed a bigger platform to spread the word and squash the highly perpetuated myths that women were clinging to.

Those myths included…

* Lifting heavy and squatting/lunging to create feminine shaped legs

* Pairing High Intensity Interval Training with 3000 calorie meals (an excuse to binge)

* Branding cardio as evil and avoiding it completely

and other cooky things that only put women 2 steps back from the model-like physiques most coveted



5 Facts you MUST Understand if you are Ever Going to Lose your Stubborn Lower Body Fat and Get a Thigh Gap


1. Many of the so-called “healthy foods” are actually cleverly disguised junk foods that can actually stimulate you to gain more stubborn fat… yet the diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits.

2. Most lower body exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts are actually the LEAST effective method of getting a thigh gap. We’ll explore what types of exercises REALLY work in a minute.

3. Runner longer and harder nor endless steady state cardio exercise routines where you barely break a sweat are NOT the best way to lose body fat. I’ll tell you the exact types of unique workouts that produce 10x better results below.

4. You DON’T need to waste your hard earned money on expensive “extreme fat burner” pills or other bogus supplements. I’ll show you how to use the power of natural foods in more detail below.

5. STARVING yourself is not the answer to revealing slimmer thighs and legs. Your body needs nutrition or it will turn against you! Sure, you’ll lose weight short term, but the second you start caving to foods again you’ll put on weight faster and more furious than ever




Want to read some amazing case studies of mine from women who have been through my online consulting program, where I charge about $150 per month?

These notes are very inspirational and I’m extremely proud of each woman for her results. (By hack used by my clients have been included in the book)


Hi Camille,Took my final inches tonight, sorry couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I knew that my thighs had gone down but never did I expect these results at one month check in! 1 inch from each thigh!!! I just want you to know how much I seriously love you for all that you do and will be spreading the word to my girlfriends.Ciara, Washington, D.C.
xxxHey Camille,So guess what?! Today I broke out my short shorts and all the guys were staring at my legs, my boyfriend commented on how smooth and perfect they were and best of all… no chub rub. You truly are heaven sentCarla Rodriguez, Miami, Florida
xxxDear Camille, …I know i’ve already thanked you enough, but I just wanted to touch base and thankyou again. We’ve just gotten back from our honeymoon and it’s because of you that I was able to enjoy myself and the delicious Hawaiian food without completely ruining my hard work and progress. Your principles will forever be with me and for that I am eternally grateful. Expect a call from my best friend and maid of honor, Charity, very soon!Marissa, New York, NY



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* Why crunches, situps, and leg raises have almost nothing to do with getting a flat stomach and ripped abs
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