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Further Questions and Problems

There are a few common questions and problems people have, here’s how to solve them:

I can’t download my eBook or audio.

Answer: There are a couple things to remember when downloading. The best way to do a download is to “right click” on the link, then choose the “Save Target” option. Many people don’t realize there is a “right mouse button” on their mouse. It’s usually just to the right (surprise) of the regular button. And often, some people don’t realze that when you click this button, a set of options become available. If you were trying to get the eBooks or audio by “regular clicking” on the links, go back and try “right clicking” with your right mouse button, then choosing “Save target as” from the menu. Don’t forget to select the place where you’re saving the book or audio. I recommend saving to the desktop so you know where it is.

I don’t know where the book or audio was saved on my computer.

Answer: If you went through the saving process, but now you can’t find the book, you have a couple of options. One is to download it again, and save it to your desktop. The other is to use your search function to find the file.

In Windows, click your “Start” button in the lower left corner. Then choose “Search” and then “For files or folders.” Type in the name of the file above, or just “TGH” and then hit enter. Your computer should find the file. You can then cut and paste it from where you find it on the desktop, or other location, or double-click to open from there.

Refer to your Windows Help section for more on using your search feature (Help can also be found in the Start menu at the lower left of your desktop).

Other questions

If you have any other questions that need to be answered, please visit our FAQ page


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