9 Reasons Women Want a Thigh Gap!


Not that you need any convincing, but some people out there are wondering why anyone would ever want a thigh gap, so I thought we could indulge them AND just in case you need some motivation to stay the course of your diet and fitness plan, here’s 9 Reasons to want a Thigh Gap!


1. Skinny Jeans – Let’s face it. Skinny jeans were made for skinny thighs and legs and if you don’t have them, your butt and thighs only look bigger.


2. Crossing your legs – There is nothing sexier than sitting crossed legged. That can be hard with bulky/thigh thighs. I prefer the look where you cross one leg over the other and tuck it behind the calf of the other leg. This is darn near impossible and very uncomfortable to do with thigh thighs.


3. Mini Skirts – Mini skirts tend to look quite vulgar on women with thicker thighs. However, with thin thighs and a thigh gap, it is much easier to pull off.


4. No more chafing skin – Thin thighs / thigh gaps make the issues of chasing skin from touching thighs obsolete.

men think thigh gaps are hot

5. Men think it’s Super Hot – Obviously, different men like different things, but generally most men like women with toned, slim thighs absent of dimples, cellulite or fat pockets.


6. Thigh High Socks / Leg warmers – It is hard to pull off the sexy school girl look of thigh high socks / knee high shocks / and leg warmers with big legs.

nicole Richie dramtic changes

7. You appear taller – If you’re a shortie like me (5’1″) being skinny and having thin legs make you appear taller (So there is something you can do!). Case in point: Nicole Ritchie. Less fat and less width tends to do that! Whoop whoop for the short girls


short shorts


8. Short shorts! – Enough said 😉


shapewear9. No Shapewear necessary! – Shape wear link Spanx, is used to compress and squeeze flesh on the inner and outer thighs to give the appearance of thinner thighs. Squeezing into uncomfortable shape wear is not necessary with a thigh gap, thank god!


What do you think about my 9 reasons for wanting a thigh gap? Any of these resonate with you?

Why do you want a thigh gap? Share below!

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  • Sarah

    So you would diet and exercise to the point of it being incredibly unhealthy just for other people?
    Can I tell you something? Thigh gaps are all to do with BONE STRUCTURE. Some people have them naturally, it’s almost impossible for others to have them. So why don’t you stop trying to convince teenage girls/young women that they are near worthless (unsexy, undesirable, fat) if they don’t have this ‘thigh gap’ but are probably perfectly healthy and attractive people?

    • thighgaphack

      No, I have changed my lifestyle (and stopped eating crap -not what I would call a diet!) and exercised regularly for years because I love the results – I look and feel wonderful! It’s only a fringe benefit that others agree. And who said anyone was worthless if they don’t have a thigh gap? Reading comprehension is a good thing. This resource is for those seeking slimmer thighs without the defeatist attitude that getting such results is impossible. Which leads me to wonder, what exactly are you doing here?

      • Athena

        I can tell you why I am here. And it’s because most of what you posted in your article is not correct. I am an exercise science major. I know what it means to exercise and diet until you get the results you want. And I agree with Sarah. There are some people who just can’t achieve skinny legs. Your article is crushing them just Ike every other celebrity and magazine out there. Teenage girls and young women are constantly told how their bodies should look. Your article is only making that worse. I am glad that your current diet and exercise got you the results you needed. But keep in mind that you aren’t the only woman in the world. Nor can all of us achieve the same as you. The majority of women naturally carry fat on our hips and thighs. Women with skinny legs either starved themselves or are the few that have the genetics to carry fat elsewhere. Please do your homework before you start writing articles like this. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t say “worthless”. It is how it translates to the readers who now think that they have to have skinny legs.

  • Jonnie

    If you think dudes prefer thin thighs to thick thighs, you’re ridiculous. I’m thin but have big thighs and every single dude I know says they’re better than sticks for legs. Mini skirts look way better with thick thighs, as do short shorts.

    • Robert

      +1. Nothing sexier to me than a girl (any height) with thick thighs in short shorts or a miniskirt. Definitely does not look “vulgar.” I wouldn’t touch someone with Nicole Ritchie’s figure. But to each his own, I guess.

  • Hi I love it and you are so right I have a Question can you tell me how did you exercise and I’m worried if I start excising i would have bulky And muscular thighs Because a lot of girls told me that they were exercising for a thigh gap and they’r thighs got bigger so can you tell me how did you do you’r workout without getting muscular legs and i’m starting to have a thigh gap but not near the crotch It’s a little big down.
    Thanks xx Love you’r article 🙂

  • Oh hun….. Your reasons are pretty bogus to me. Let me tell you how it really is in what I call “Reality”.

    1). Skinny jeans look incredibly sexy on women who have thighs as opposed to large gaps and thin legs. Many men I know love to grab onto a woman’s thigh.

    2.) My thighs are muscular and large because I run track. Despite that fact, I can a) cross them and b) tuck them behind the calf. It’s really not all that difficult to do.

    3.) Mini-skirts look awful on women who have no thighs. All you see is this large space in between their legs and they have no shape. Skirts are meant to show off the curves of a woman. Men love seeing thighs pressed together in a small skirt. It’s extremely alluring to them.

    4.) Chaffing doesn’t always occur. It’s not that much of a plus.

    5.) All the men I know think it’s disgusting to have such a large thigh gap. They think it looks sickly and that if they went to give that girl a love tap, she would break. It’s just gross.

    6.) The Asian girls who originally made those thigh stocking so damn cute, have thighs that touch…. And most leg warmers only go up the calf.

    7.) Notice how sick she looks as an overly skinny women. Her skin pigment is much grayer and her bones stick out more than anything else on her. That’s not natural.

    8.) Booty shorts are meant to be full-o-booty. Hard to do when you don’t have anything to put in them. Most boys say, “She thought she was cute. Where does her butt begin and her spine end?” That’s not a positive comment to me.

    9.) A lot of people, as skinny and sickly as they are, still wear shapewear because they never feel good enough.


    I think your argument is terrible and holds little to no value to any one with a sense of mind. We are not intended to be so small. And, fyi, “the gap” has more to do with your pelvic and hip structure than anything else. That’s why not all girls are capable of having this gap.

    • Destinee

      Amen sister! I’m a skinny girl yetI have naturally thick thighs, which people say shows that I’m completely healthy for my body compared to the anorexic looking girls in the picture. The entire thigh gap trend is ridiculous.

    • Kayla

      Everyone who commented saying skinny is disgusting pretty much lost their point. Saying skinny is gross is just as bad as saying fat is gross. And news flash, it’s not always about what men prefer. Curvy doesn’t always mean plus size or fat.

    • Lana

      This is quite absurd haha, and yeah gonna have to say that I agree with the majority of the comments here…a thick curvy women is hott!! Mariah K. anyone? Marilyn manroe? Hello?

    • Las

      You kind of lose the moral high ground when you insult other women while having your own tuppence worth on this. Agreed that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful but that includes skinny girls! You’ve just made me feel very inadequate for being skinny and having a pretty sizeable thigh gap. So you look sexy and I don’t? Way to stick up for sisterhood honey! Women come in all shapes and sizes and it is not ok to put anyone down whether they are curvy or skinny. Womanhood is a way of being, not a way of looking.

  • Jamie

    High waisted shorts look sooo much better with skinny thighs.

    • Summer hutchen

      Exactly!’ right right! Same with high waisted pants I mean I’ve never seen someone with big thighs in high waisted jeans

      • Tahlia

        How often do you actually go outside? All I have to do is take a step outside and I see women with thick/curvy thighs in high waisted jeans who can totally pull them off.

      • Alicia

        I am a curvy slim girl without a thigh gap. I am also short. I always wear high waisted trousers/shorts because I personally think I look great in them. I think thigh gaps may look better on some people more than others, same with lack of thing gaps. I’m happy not having a gap between my thighs because they wouldn’t suit me.

    • Linsey

      High waisted anything is a stupid look no matter what shape you are. Fashion failure. Sorry. Not attractive.

  • ChunkyMonkey

    I don’t think women should want a leg gap for these reasons. Women which a curvier shape look AWESOME in short shorts , skinny jeans, and mini skirts in my opinion. Also, who cares what men think of as “sexier” as long as you can “strut your stuff” it shouldn’t matter. Leg gaps are cool but how your body is naturally shaped is even cooler.
    I’m not complaining though, I can on this website to check out the reasons, but I think these reasons at pretty cliche and not very relevant to today’s society. I hope you guys understand what I mean.

  • SMokescreen

    Women wan’t a thigh gap because the modelling/fashion industry told them to. I can’t speak for all guys but a thigh gap for me at least in the initial stage of attraction is a turn off. To me it makes the woman look anorexic even if the rest of her body is ‘normal’. It looks like someone gouged out part of her legs. No, I prefer what the majority of women have, no gap.

    Of course I don’t look at a womens thighs as the determining factor for going out, there is alot more to it and if the woman was great on the inside as well as out it would be overlooked, but purely from an aesthetic point of view if a photo was shown of a woman with thigh gap and one without, the one without would be picked by me every time.

  • Summer hutchen

    I want a thigh gap and j don’t care about the people who are horrible with words just because of there irrelevant opinions I’m a teenager and I want a thigh gap and I want to get one by doing excerisse and diet the right way just like camille did. I’m a shorty to and I would like to look taller I’ve never had a guy like me and I’m not saying that this would make guys attracted to ME^^ but I’d like to fell like I’m on top of the world! For once I’d like to fell like people weren’t judging me because of my body figure I’m not really curvy but I have not really any it’s just muscle or fat in my thighs mu thighs are bigger because of the workouts I’ve been doing and I don’t like it at all and I’m definitely not fat I have a flat stomach but it can get a little chubby when I don’t watch what I eat I’m 13 and I want a thigh gap if anyone has a problem with that I really don’t care it’s my choice. And if you have a problem with it why are you even here leaving comments on something that’s hers not yours don’t u have anything better to do? Do u have a life if you subscribed to something to be mean aboutit? Really ? Reevalute urself!
    Camille I would really like a thigh gap and I need help I’ve looked at anything and everything and nothing has worked
    I wanted to leave the school year feeling horrible and come back in august feeling slightly better about myself
    I don’t have money because I’m 13 and idk where to get your book I looked it up on my nook/kindle and they dint have it
    If you could reply that would be awesome

    • Sarah

      Woah, you’re 13. Don’t worry about this kinda crap yet! You’ve got 60 years of adult life ahead of you, and only 5 or so of being a child with no responsibilities – savour that time! Go and have fun, don’t worry about your weight- after all, you’re still growing and you could be putting on weight before a growth spurt or anything. Don’t waste your childhood like this, once it’s gone it’s never coming back.

      • Summer hutchen

        Don’t want to change my mind but defiantly great advice!

    • Jac

      The problem is that you clearly find some sort of self worth in having a thigh gap or not- when you say that you’re feeling terrible about yourself, it breaks my heart, and I’m sure your parents and any real friends you have would feel the same. You said:”I wanted to leave the school year feeling horrible” That’s absolutely terrible, that at the age of 13 you are already feeling bad about your body. You are going through SO MANY CHANGES, SO GOSH DANG MANY right now that dieting, and extensive exercise can actually slow down your development(and teens that start dieting early such as your self have a much higher chance of developing eating disorders) You also say: “I’ve never had a guy like me and I’m not saying that this would make guys attracted to ME^^” You haven’t had a guy like you because the majority of boys before the age of 13 think girls are icky! they want to spend time with their buddies eating bugs. Trust me, you don’t want a guy to be attracted to you yet. I can relate, all I wanted from 12-13 was a boy to like me… it gets old, fast. I’m in college now, and I was never too popular with boys in highschool, but now I’m beating them back with baseball bats. Believe me, you don’t want to peak in middle school and highschool… and trying to will either leave you disappointed now or later in life. Focus on your studies, your friends and family- don’t place your self worth in the space between your legs. From reading your comment I can tell you do. Be happy with your flawed body, because flaws are perfection.I understand- you’re 13 now, you know everything, but please- for your future self don’t push yourself into this body image trend. You’ll feel more upset with yourself than you will feel happy.

  • Summer hutchen

    Helloooo camilllleee

    • thighgaphack

      Hi Summer, I have a post for you coming out today! Wanted to give your question the response it deserves 🙂

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  • Summer hutchen

    Thank you so much

  • Dre

    A self esteem sweetheart…get one. It’s a wonderful thing to have. On behalf of men everywhere let me enlighten you – honestly we’re much more interested in what’s between your legs, as well as how you smell (we like subtle perfumes), how well you take care of yourself, how well you treat us, and how well you get along with your parents. Any guy who states otherwise is an outlier.

  • Ceci

    Okay I am a 16 year old girl who came to this page wondering why so many girls want this “thigh gap” I have struggled with my weight my entire life but recently I have been losing a good amount of it! My motivation is not a thigh gap! My motivation and my goal is to be healthy and to be confident! Any girl that is insecure and reads this page, my prayers go out to them because they will probably end up anorexic like Nicole richie! But if I could say one thing to those girl it would be that they are perfect the way they are! Thigh gaps are not necessary to be beautiful

    • Davida

      Thank you for stating the obvious. Thigh gaps are not necessary to be beautiful; some women think thin thighs look better than fat or muscular thighs. And no, everyone is NOT perfect the way they are. If that were so, you wouldn’t have been trying to lose weight in the first place. Some people should lose weight and life is all about self improvement. You should you changing and trying to better yourself every day.

  • Athena

    I agree, Ceci. I’m glad that there is a young woman on here who isn’t obsessed with the thigh gap. And exercising for health is always the best option! I’m a personal trainer and have a degree in exercise science, I run Spartan races, and work out every day. And my thighs still touch. But I consider myself very health and beautiful. You keep up the healthy attitude, girl!! 🙂

    • Davida

      Of course you can be healthy without a thigh gap. Do you see anyone refuting that? The book is for people who want to exercise and diet for a specific goal. If you don’t have that goal then find another website. simple.

      • Athena

        Yes, I do see people refuting that. The author for one. She stated in another post that women with thick thighs have mental issues because they are comfortable with their thick thighs. She also pushes this thigh gap when, for some women, no amount of healthy diet and exercise can help them achieve this goal. If you haven’t read her other posts, then you haven’t done your research. I am an advocate for exercising for health and longevity, not because you want guys to like you because you think they like thigh gaps (which the good majority do not). My point is write books and blogs about exercising for health, not blogs about how you can look like Nichole Richie and claim it’s the healthy way. Sure it worked for this author, but every woman is different. And women’s gene say “store fat on thighs”. Some women can’t escape that. And I’d rather those women love themselves for who they are, then think they’re a failure because they can’t achieve what one person achieved claiming the whole world of women can “be like her”. And that is why I’m on this website. To let women know that healthy diet and exercise is the way to go. But love how you look, whatever your body type and don’t feel discouraged because you can’t fit the unhealthy image of today’s stick celebrities.

  • SarahH

    I loved the article! You made some great points!

  • Chad

    Women tend to get the thigh gap because of the width of their hip bones.. It is womanly to have wider hips, so it is womanly to have a thigh gap.. but achieving a thigh gap through losing fat is not womanly.. why? because women are supposed to store fat in their hips and thighs and that’s sexy.. that’s biology, if you didn’t know!

    • TIna

      So those of us with a thigh gap aren’t womanly? Maybe you should rephrase that. I guess I must be kind of tiny, because my hips are set closer together. That doesn’t mean I’m less of a woman. Just like the fact that my thighs touch doesn’t mean I have fat ugly legs.

      • thighgaphack

        I also have narrow hips and I certainly don’t consider myself as less of a woman, nor did I imply that. I actually quite like having narrow hips – but I also like have thinner thighs

  • blruhgo

    another reason women need to return to wearing primarily skirts and dresses…

  • I naturally have a thigh gap, I AM NOT SUPER SKINNY!!! Actually, not skinny at all! I didn’t know it was all the rage till hubby came home and told me…it’s bone structure and the fact that I have naturally thin legs, I also have narrow-ish hips – I wear a 5/6, I am 5″6 and weigh 140! I eat – a lot! So don’t be silly and want it so bad you diet yourself into oblivion….it’s almost impossible to diet/exercise this into existence…and anyway, this is a silly fad that will pass quickly. Love yourself, girls – you fail to see how beautiful you really are!!!

  • Im proud of my thick chunky curvy muscular thighs and legs in general. Took a lot of eating, a lot of exercise and tons of weights to achieve. Envy of all those scrawny chicken-legged guys who cry over their no-muscle matchstick legs (sorry!). Not to be mean to our lean-limbed sisters who look great in skinny denims, but I just don’t like that look personally, for me. Just reminds of well, scrawny little boys and girls are not scrawny little straight up and down boys. Take your thigh gap and shove it. I kinda wish all men had beautiful muscular legs and defined abs or at least a flat stomach. But no. Am I going to hold that against them? No. Its pointless to. Life is too short.

  • Scarlet

    I naturally have a thigh gap and I’m 14…… I didn’t even know its a trend or people want to have it…. Its normal right???

    • thighgaphack

      Hi Scarlet – yes, it is completely normal for some girls/women to naturally have a thigh gap without much work.

      • Athena

        Hey Scarlet. Don’t be surprised if/when you lose your thigh gap. I had one too when I was a teen. Then I got my woman hips and I love my woman thighs. And my fiance loves my booty too. Can’t have the gorgeous curves with a thigh gap. It’s a give and take both ways. Both are beautiful. But the thigh gap shouldn’t be preached as the only way of beauty. Nor should it be coveted by society

  • Joe

    I had to comment. I’m an attractive male. This article was Gross! The exact opposite is true! I found this article BECAUSE I searched “thick thighs”! LOL I wanted to see average women with thick thighs and curvy hips and butt. THAT is SOOO sexy to me. Btw I’m a 35 yo white male, 6 foot Italian and handsome. I’ve always preferred a woman with thicker thighs (pear shape) . It’s very feminine and look nothing like a 13 yo boy! In fact, for me, the dramatic the hip to waist ratio, the better. My heart skips a beat when I see an average woman with a pear shaped body. So hot! So ladies, do not get caught up in this nonsense. Take care of what you do have and shake what ya momma gave ya! : *** to all those feminine cuties with curves!

  • Niki

    I have thigh gap and I’m skinny. I wanna gain weight but my body just can’t. One of my friends noticed my thigh gap, compared hers to mine (she doesn’t have thigh gap) and I felt a little embarrassed ‘cos people think it’s gross. When reading this article, I felt accepted and normal just like women who don’t need to worry about their bodies. But after I read the comments, it made me feel isolated, freak, and anything not normal. Why can’t we just be accepted as we are? Why is there a discrimination is this world? If people just know the feeling of being different in a bad way. Also, not all skinny people are unhealthy. I went to my doctor, she said I’m healthy and my body really is just like this. I’m 16, so it really affects me being different in this society I live in.

  • Hattie

    I find it funny how all these people are criticizing this article for ruining people’s self esteem because they have bigger legs yet they are quick to describe people with a thigh gap and thin legs as disgusting. It seems that its okay to put down the self esteem of thin people but as soon as you do it to a bigger person it’s a big problem.

  • Vanessa

    There’s such thing as skinny shaming. And the comment section here is riddled with hypocrisy. You can’t label skinny people as disgusting and yet defend “curvy” figured girls. Some women are naturally thin. How do YOU think it makes us feel when you label thin people as disgusting? Or having chicken legs? It hurts just as much as if you called a bigger girl fat and disgusting.

  • J

    I have a thigh gap AND I’m chubby. I just have ridiculously wide boned hips (really, I wear size 4 top and size 10 jeans). There are many varieties of bodies in the world. And no, I would not dare wear thigh high socks. 😛 A thigh gap is unrelated to good leg/skin appearance.

  • slim toned legs and a slightly wider hip area is always gorgeous gaps or no gaps

  • TIna

    Hello, I’m thin with beautiful, toned runners legs and my thighs touch. I’m not fat nor do I have unattractive legs. In fact, I get compliments all the time. I don’t need a thigh gap to feel good about myself. Ugh.

    • thighgaphack

      Did someone tell you that you needed a thigh gap to feel good about yourself? Your comment comes across as a little bit insecure. Ask yourself why you are offended that other people might want a thigh gap.

  • Jonny the Man

    Thigh gaps are an attempt to define a certain aspect of beauty, but I think it’s the wrong way to measure it. I just look at the shape of a girl’s hips and thighs, not at any air inbetween.

  • Lilly

    Thigh gaps are mostly about BONE STRUCTURE. Any girl with really wide hips can have one naturally. ^.^ And btw, like few others pointed out, is it really fine to shame thin people whilst attempting to defend “bigger” people? The only type of slim that is absurd and unattractive is unnatural slim. As for dudes finding it “hot”, the thought cracks me up. I doubt they’re going to be deciding how attractive you are based strictly on your thighs. o_o Oh & I remember reading that apparently, mini skirts look “vulgar” on bigger thighs, that really struck me, & I bet it struck other women too. *-* Really?

    • thighgaphack

      Your comment is partially right and partially wrong. the width of your thigh gap is going to be mostly about bone structure. Please don’t spout half truths on my blog – there’s enough of that elsewhere on the internet. This is no such thing as unnatural slim – we are all MEANT to be slim. Noone is meant to be overweight, fat or obese. Overindulgence and lack of will power being rampant is the reason we think some people are naturally slim.

      Yes, dudes find girls with thin, slender legs hot. You are correct they are not going to decide whether or not you are attractive solely based on your thighs, however it no one said no.

      Yes, mini skirts look vulgar on big thighs, just as jeans so tight that you see a camel toe, or shirts so low you’re one movement away from having a wardrobe malfunction is vulgar. It’s not cute at all!

  • Sorry to say but it’s people like you and my dad that made me hate and want to kill my self from the tender age of 7. I’m fifteen now and instead of being proud of myself for getting straight A’s I’m more concerned with my body image. I know many skinny girls who don’t have I thigh gap then they read this and hate themselves because of it. I actually wanted to buy your book but now I’m put off…. Thanks a lot

    • thighgaphack

      I personally don’t know you so this article is most definitely not a personal slight.

      It is your parents job to make you feel proud for getting straight A’s.. and you can of course make that decision on your own.

      Is there something wrong with girl’s who are proud of their body image though? Are the two mutually exclusive? The answer is no.

      These are the legitimate reasons some women want a thigh gap. Why would you hate yourself because someone wants a thigh gap to prevent chafing? Do you see how that doesn’t make any sense?

      That’s okay, I suspect you shouldn’t be focusing on things like this if you come to these conclusions!

  • louise

    I was simply curious about this trend but after reading this article I feel so down because apparently I look vulgar in things due to my naturally curvy body and thicker thighs. This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • Emily

    I don’t understand why people want to be slim. I’m envious of women with curves. My pelvis, collarbone, shoulders, shoulderblades and spine stick out. People look at me in disgust. I even get bullied because I’m skinny. When I lean back in a plastic chair and move my back makes this horrible cracking sound. It’s apparently alright to judge people for being too skinny but when people judge the fat it’s suddenly offensive. I’m 87.5 pounds and I would kill for curves.

    • Mallory

      You are so lucky! I would kill for your weight. I’m 110.. trade bodies? But no seriously people are stupid. You’ll get bullied skinny, average, or fat. It sucks so bad. Why can’t we just accept people the way they are?

  • Lena Bosconovitch

    Hey, I’m super glad that you got the results you wanted. And as for the thigh-gap thing I’m here because I wanted to know more about it. I don’t have one, I just have the body i happen to have and I love it. If you feel like you’re not normal for having a thigh-gap or not having one don’t, you’re perfectly normal because it’s not like your body can take notes on what will be trending or considered attractive in society. Your body is shaped the way it is shaped to benefit you. Everyone is beautiful in my opinion (I swear!) I love looking at people and seeing how unique they are from each other. Anyways, don’t worry, dress with whatever goes well with your body type. Everyone can loom good, but always strive to better yourself every day.

  • Chloe

    Ok this just made me really sad about my thighs ok I was born with thick thighs and I will never lose them. Stupid genetics got me all messed up. I absolutely hate hate hate my thighs!!!

    • thighgaphack

      What can I say, Chloe? If you believe you will never lose your thighs then you are 100% likely to never lose them because you wouldn’t be trying to. You can wallow in self pity or you can get the book and LEARN how to lose them like thousands of women before you. You can also like the Facebook page where I show result pictures of girls who were able to achieve their goals. The choice is yours

  • Joeee

    I have a thigh gap and they’re is a lot guys who like it they don’t think it’s disgusting they think it’s sexy some have even told me if they we’re a girl they would want to have a thigh gap. Honestly all y’all are doing is making girls who have thigh gaps feel bad so just stop every girl is beautiful thigh gap or no thigh gap. 🙂

  • Saphire

    You are so right! Imagine a fat girl trying to squeeze into skinny jeans. Camel toe alert! Omg! Even the thought is disgusting, bleugh! I’m so glad I look beautiful. Unlike fat people

  • Shooter G

    This article is just an excuse to sell a product. Bottom line; skinny women are unattractive (I’m speaking body wise). There is nothing hotter than a curvy woman with big shapely legs. As a man and modeling photographer; I am sick of these women with bodies like pipe cleaners. Then there are the pipe cleaner s that go out and get boob jobs. If a guy wants to be with a women that has the body of a Ten-year-old boy based on her big fake boobs; he has got some major issues. Too many Victoria Secret catalogs. Give me booty and gapless thighs.

  • The only reason here that made sense was the thigh chafing, but other than that the other reasons are stupid. By the way skinny jeans look better on curvy girls. Instead of making girls feel bad for being curvy you should feel bad for making millions of girls feel bad for not living up to some ridiculous standard. Some girls just are built to be more filled, while some girls have a slender figure. Both figures are beautiful, I’m tired of people like you having to put certain girls down just so only a small percentage can feel good about themselves. All girls are entitled to feel beautiful the way they are!

    • thighgaphack

      Just as it is my opinion skinny jeans look great on skinny legs, you have your opinion.

      Also, no one is BUILT to be big/fat. That is a crutch people use so they can feel good about overeating/underexercising

      Thanks for stopping by though

  • Aeschleah

    I know everybody has their own opinion/preferance on body types and we can not always control or change the body we have .. so that being said.. I am naturally thin 5’6″ and 103 lbs.. Im 29 .. have an 8 year old son and I love my thigh gap. I just recently cut out junk food from my diet so I can maintain my body as I age.
    I also dont think a woman must be thin to pull of a certain style. It’s all about confidence. We all need to stop putting other women down because they dont fit into our own little category. It’s like saying a full figured woman cant dye their hair blond because they arent built like Barbie. Ridiculousness.

  • Nicole Richie looks disgustingly anorexic. From a guy’s perspective this whole thigh gap thing is sickening. This has got to be a bad joke.

    • thighgaphack

      So out of all the varied examples of women with thigh gaps – from small to large, you think every single one of them is sickening? Please stop pandering! (Nicole was just to show how being slimmer makes you appear taller/lengthened)

  • A concerned man

    I find thigh gaps to be quite unattractive. Any of my friends I have asked about it, also agree… Unattractive. I would not go so far to say it is “gross” but it is certainly a turn-off on an otherwise attractive woman.

  • Juli

    If these statements were not true, then Victoria’s Secrets models would not be the millionaires they are just for posing in underwear, walking the runways, as spokesmodels and appearing on the covers of Sports Illustrated Magazines. Billions of dollars are made because, whether some like it or not, millions agree. We see models draped on the arms of too many actors, singers and businessmen to count. That being said, work to look your best for you, not for anyone else. If you do that, then you will be happy regardless of what anyone says. Personally, I’d prefer my thighs to be thinner and I am achieving very good results using the Thigh Gap Book. We are free to make our own choices and that is a good thing. If you want a gap, go for it; if not, then skip the advice. Do what works for you-be happy!

  • Kimme Coffee

    What if you naturally have a thigh gap? How do you get rid of it?

    • LadyJustify

      eat more calories, and work on muscle strength. try to get at least 2,000-2,300 a day if you are not already, building muscle requires a lot of energy so you will need the extra calories. If you are naturally thin it will be quite and adventure. Losing weight, from my perspective, is very difficult, but I feel better working the fat into muscle rather than just burning it off. But working your muscles will help you get some bulk.

      • Kimme Coffee

        Thank you! It’s nearly gone… It was so weird before + got made fun of. o.o Thanks again! ♥♥♥

    • Jaiden Hale

      Working out seems to work.
      There is believe it or not muscle there in all of us. Let’s see if I can find that site oh no, a picture will do but go easy, not everyone should; small big whatever your type or size, just jump in and go go go. You’ll end up doing more damage than good.

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  • fonzo gomez

    HAHA.. ^^ say the fat people.. Bless.

  • Michael

    Dear author,
    Hang yourself. No one needs another shallow pretentious cunt like you telling them what’s sexy and what’s not. Seriously.

    • rocco71

      That’s the spirit!!!

  • rocco71

    I wish everyone would stop mutherfukin this woman…so what? So she’s into her body. GET OVER IT. GROW UP. Stop complaining that everyone else makes you feel bad about yourself. What are you people anyway? 7 years old? No, you’re all ridiculous; mindless dolts influence THAT F-ING MUCH by some nothingness on some obscure website? Some book? Pathetc! And if you’re fat, NO! Most men worth being with won’t date you. Worry about yourself instead of what everyone else is doing. Maybe you’ll get a life…AND a thigh gap.

    • ThickThighs&Proud

      @rocco71. It is not necessary to curse or call people names to get your point across. Nobody who is is against this post does not like it simply because she’s into her body. They oppose it because her reasons are both shallow and judgemental. Whether you have a thigh gap or thick thighs it is still possible to look beautiful in whatever you wear so her narrowminded declaration about what is beautiful on some website and in some book should be taken seriously. Our world is controlled by the publics view so these little posts won’t help a growing girl who is curious about what is beautiful and what their body needs to look like and this is coming from a young lady who was considered to have thick thighs growing up. I was delusioned that I needed a thigh gap which no matter how much weight I lost I could not achieve so I never thought I had a nice body. If she had provided better reasons for her belief in the thigh gaps that did not bash other peoples body than their would be no problem. So yeah people are complaining about this post but not because their 7 years old but because this is what ruins their self esteem and makes them feel fat and unattractive.

      • rocco71

        Who put you in charge? And its FUN to curse and call people names…so what? Are you the thought and speech police now, too? Blow me. How about that? What do you care id she is shallow? How is it your business anyway when you don’t even know her? And your HARDLY the one to be labeling people as “judgmental,” my dear. Everyone on the planet has their OWN ideas on what constitutes “beauty” so you’re opinion on the matter is just that: OPINION. You can disagree with you all her want and I can argue for people like you to shut up and get off her case all I want but in the end it changes NOTHING. I don’t know where you get the galactically insane idea that “our world is controlled by the publics (sic) view so these little posts won’t help a growing girl…” when it is IN FACT the exact opposite. Our world is controlled by media elites and these “little posts” as you call them are meaningless outside the context of our group discussion in this Comments section. Self esteem is a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. It is NOT my job, the government’s job, the media’s job, the job of Hollywood producers or this young lady to ensure you people have your “self esteem.” Maybe you shouldn’t have any! Ever think of that? Did it ever occur to you that some people AREN’T worth as much as others? Ever stop to consider that human being change and go through many stages in life and at times genuinely DON’T have anything to offer? You and these people you’re defending want to feel valued and valuable? GO OUT AND TAKE IT AND OWN IT FOR YOURSELF AND STOP DEMANDING THE REST OF US HOLD YOUR HAND AND KISS YOUR ASS JUST SO YOU FEEL BETTER. The TRUTH is that most of the time, life doesn’t feel very good at all. So I repeat — GROW UP. GET A LIFE! Move on and worry about yourselves for once and maybe IF YOU DO, you’ll find this “self-esteem” you’re all so obsessed with acquiring…YOURSELVES. After all, the term actually begins with the word “SELF,” doesn’t it?

        • M LABS

          Someone hasn’t gone poop today.

        • Zoey Hudson

          You know what you do get your own opinion, but don’t be INMATURE about it k. I’m not being a boss incase u say that after you read this, but the thigh gap is the beholder choice and you know what “Good for u for swearing, there only like 4 letter words good for you” r u kidding me stop being jealous, judgemental and get over yourself really. K way to try to make your opinions everybody elses, well not changing my mind I like eveRybka for who they are personality makeso it so we are not all identical, now that would be boreing!!!!!!!!!!

          • ·⋆·Ṭåηḳ✩Gïяℓ·⋆·

            Yeah rocco71 we know some people aren’t worth as much as others. You’re the number one worthless person here.

      • CC

        Thank you!! You nailed it right on the head… This post made me really frustrated… It was the first thing to come up which means lots of girls probably are reading this, and it’s super harmful. In order for most of us girls to have a thigh gap, we’d have to be anorexic… That’s the only time I had one, so a thigh gap should not be promoted. For those that have one naturally, well, then okay, but we should be telling girls it’s pretty NOT to have one too. So thank you.

      • ·⋆·Ṭåηḳ✩Gïяℓ·⋆·

        “If you’re fat, most men worth being with won’t date you”. Say what? Lmao that is the dumbest thing I’ve read on this entire post. How would any judgmental a✩✩hole, who cares more about how someone looks rather than who they are as a person; be worth being with? You’re a worthless piece of sh✩t and no one in their right mind would ever want to be with anyone like you because you’re a total d✩uchebag and an ugly, pig headed, narrow minded, dumba✩✩. I have an amazing man whom I’ve been with for almost 14 years and he’s extremely desirable, and well worth being with. And he loves every inch of my body even if I am a couple pounds over weight. He’s a real man who treats his woman with respect and spoils me like a princess, takes care of his kids and his family, has a real job with the government where he’s been promoted several times and about to be promoted again soon, and is d✩mn good looking too but that’s just a bonus. Get a life rocco71 , you’ll never be worth anything.

  • Mitza

    People with thigh gaps are often so skinny they have no boobs, curvy ladies be happy with what you’ve got. Im just ugly all round!!

  • Joyce

    At my thinnest, my thighs still touched…and tons of men (of all races and sizes) were all over my thighs. Never, ever, ever, had met a man who would find my thighs disgusting. They all thought they were awesome pillows. Second, I wore (and still wear, even with several extra pounds) tons of minis (skirts, dresses, and shorts). Never looked vulgar wearing them: my legs/thighs/butt are very toned, and a toned pair of legs is sexier than chicken legs.

  • Luckydeath

    I can litteraly find a counter arguments to everyone one of those points …

  • sandra k

    I think it comes down to genetics. I have some friends that are not that skinning and yet they have a thigh gap, others appear thinner, but without one. So, it goes to show that not all are made to have a gap between the thighs. As for the fashion side of it, yes, I do agree that mainly emaciated girls tend to have skinny legs case in point, most fashion models which many look very much underweight. Unfortunately our society glamorize using these type of body images to sell you thinking what is beautiful. It’s a billion dollar business, selling an image that most ladies will never be able to achieve even Beyonce had her pic photo shop just to make you believe otherwise: even at her skinniest, she will always have those thighs and it’s just in her genes.

  • El Payaso

    Nah, I like women with thick thighs and wide hips. Skinny women look like teenage boys.

    • Zoey Hudson

      Well really , you judge someone on their appearance when their personality is the most important thing about people.

      • Joe Dorben

        Hes talking about dating wise. I know you want to believe that people date each other because of their personalities, bu the fact is, today everybody is judged o their looks, for a wide variety of things. People who are less attractive are perceived as less athletic, less funny, more “nerdy” (because that’s something children care about these days), etc. I won’t even get into the world of sex, you’re 13 and shouldn’t know about that stuff yet. he fact is, whether you like it or not, for the rest of your life you and others will be judged based on your looks, you have probably subconsciously judged others on their looks before as well, and probably will in the future. Until humans gain a gene that makes it so that they don’t find anybody attractive or unattractive, and that gene spreads throughout most of the human race, which could take thousands, maybe even millions of years to happen, people will forever judge each other on their looks. This is a fact of life. Seeing the type of kind, innocent person you are, I’m sorry you were born into this world, and that the world wasn’t a better place, but it is how it is, and it probably won’t ever change, at least, not in your lifetime.

  • Awakeup2U

    I am 67 years old and when we were teenagers and young women in the 60s we considered that thigh gap, particularly on skinny people (and accommodating very mini miniskirts, was veery unattractive and that the gap meant that you had “been around the block a few times” ! My how things change.

  • Maryams

    Why did I just read this? Nvm I am always surfing the web about things my friends think are attractive ie. thigh gaps?? Whatever

  • Nathaliah

    first off all you people don’t know what we (those who want to be skinny) feel about ourselves. Try to stand I front of the mirror and look at your thighs touching, all of the fat sticking together, it’s disgusting as hell especially if you’re wearing a skirt or skinny jeans. If you people are happy of your thighs touching then so be it. All individuals have different goals.

    • Thomas Grim

      Translation: you don’t understand what us with eating disorders feel about yourselves.

      • Zoey Hudson


  • Olivia

    I read this because I’m very concerned by this craze. Some women naturally have gaps. Some dont. If your thighs touch that DOES NOT mean that your fat. Thin women can have touching thighs. Muscular women can have touching thighs. It is NOT disgusting or vulgar. Whats revulting is trying to starve yourself into something that your not. I tried that. I was hugely unhealthy and felt worse about myself. Im not very healthy and in great shape. I beg all of you to enbrace YOUR BODY not what someone else thinks it should be.

    • Olivia

      Now and in great shape*

    • thighgaphack

      News flash, no one is brain washing anyone into naturally wanting slim legs. The people who are not very healthy and in great shape all seem to have a bitter bone to pick. Spend time on feeling better about yourself rather than telling other people what they should feel or want

  • Naomi Evansw

    Thigh gap or not it shouldn’t have girls been put in categories saying if your fit or not. I have a thigh gap and I’m perfectly happy and I feel just as beautiful as others who don’t have a thigh gap. For people saying that it’s NOT normal to have thighs that chaft against each other, girls with wide hips naturally have a thigh gap, girls with a straight body (not hourglass) do look unhealthy because it makes them look vulnerable because there so thin. So don’t say who’s normal or not because it makes girls feel insecure and in my opinion you shouldn’t like a girl because she’s beautiful, because beauty fades <Remember that! Yes I'm a thin person but that shouldn't have to matter!

  • TheMuffinMan

    What man in 2015 thinks a woman with thigh gaps is sexy? Guys are addicted to ass these days. Every one of my friends are ‘Booty Men’, and who doesn’t love big thighs? More to love!

  • Zoey Hudson

    Hi im 13 and i think . Why make a big deal about the thigh gap, and why judge if u have one that’s fine, if u also want one that’s fine too. I wouldn’t care about what others think if I had one, it’s my choice and you’d be wasting you time because I wouldn’t listen. Would you want me saying bigger thighs are ugly and men don’t like it. I don’t think so. So stop judging and being cruel people, this is a matter of the beholder not the universe. Also your body has nothing to do with who u are, very body has there own beauty it might be singing, rapping, dancing, running etcc…. But really the true beauty of someone is there personality and if u laugh at what I’m saying that’s fine or u f**** off everything I say but I feel that’s where beauty is so we shouldn’t be judging the world or people and judging them when its not your body or business. So band it #Stopthejudgingpeople.

  • Zoey Hudson

    Well you have a right to state your opinion, but why hate them it’s there decision NOT YOURS!!!! I DON HAVE ONE BUT ITS JUST PLAIN I MATURE TO JUDGE PEOPLE, WE SHOULD BE NICE WE ARE MAKING THIS MATTER INTO A STRETCHED OUT MESS!! HOW INMATURE

  • Zoey Hudson


  • Ava Schmidt

    Having a thigh gap makes peeing standing up easier.

  • Fat Average Sized?

    Hmm.. why do I want a thigh gap after reading that article?? Maybe it’s because the article is designed to make me feel ugly, fat, unwanted, and unaccepted…

    • Fat or Average Sized?

      Just wish I knew whether it was true..

    • ·⋆·Ṭåηḳ✩Gïяℓ·⋆·

      Read what I posted above. Thigh gap is caused mostly by bone structure. It has nothing to do with weight or how pretty someone is. No one can make themselves get thigh gap if their bone structure wasn’t built a specific way. It doesn’t matter how much they work out. Even super skinny chicks won’t be able to have thigh gap if their bone structure wasn’t built for it. This article is full of sh✩t. All they are trying to do is sell a product so they can make money. Besides that, chicks who DONT have thigh gap have tighter vaginas because the bone structure in their hips aren’t as wide, the pelvic bone isn’t as large, and the femor bones aren’t force separated by specific muscle length and type. So if you’re feeling bad about someone else having thigh gap and you don’t, don’t! I’ve been at both extreme ends of the weight spectrum myself, before. I’ve been as small as 93 pounds and I’ve been as much as 200 pounds (I’m 5ft 3in). I’ve also had pretty toned muscles at some points in my life while at another time I didn’t. And I can tell you from experience that it didn’t matter, either way I never had thigh gap. But if you want to feel good about yourself then you need to stop trying to compare yourself to anyone else. You are not them, you are you. There are a lot of things about you that I’m sure other people wish they could have, but they don’t and they can’t; because they are not you. And you’re the only one who can choose what path in life you want to live. So if you’re unhappy about something, then change it; take a different path than the one you’ve been on. Nothing and no one is stopping you. No one controls how you live your life but you. If you want something then you’ll make an effort to have it; if you want something in life and you don’t make an effort to have it then you’re just making excuses to not reach that goal. So stop feeling bad about yourself, get up off of your butt and go live your life to the fullest. Make it happen!

  • Joe Dorben

    Trust me, men do not think thigh gaps are sexy. This article seems to be coming from a perspective where this woman thinks having a big booty is unattractive, or a bad thing. Men love big asses, and thighs are hot too unless the girl is chubby or fat. For example, most men in 2016 would agree that Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have the perfect BODIES. Maybe their faces and personalities aren’t great, but body-wise, they have the best one. Unless it’s just for yourself, and for whatever reason YOU want a thigh gap, don’t aspire to have one, women look better without a thigh gap.

  • slruc

    this article was definitely written by an anorexic; thigh gaps arent attractive for most people. clearly, there are some who like em, but for real attractiveness means that you can give birth to a child. a women who has no gram of fat on her body ( thats the only way to have a thigh gap) doesnt look that able to give birth to a child, i think. but in the end it REALLY doesnt matter how much or less you weigh, if your mental health is working good and its not dangerous for your physical health

    • ·⋆·Ṭåηḳ✩Gïяℓ·⋆·

      Actually thigh gap is caused mostly by bone structure in the hips, femor, and pelvis.

  • ·⋆·Ṭåηḳ✪Ꮆⅈяℓ·⋆·

    Grayson grimes , and anyone else who actually believes that thigh gap can be achieved by diet, exercise, surgery, being in shape, or by any other means; are complete uneducated idiots. Thigh gap is caused mostly by BONE STRUCTURE. It all has to do with the STRUCTURE of a persons HIPS, and how WIDE they are. And their PELVIC BONE SHAPE, and also their FEMOR BONES in the upper portion of their legs. Having NARROW FEMOR BONES will cause any thigh gap to CLOSE. ASIDES from BONE STRUCTURE, it also has some part in MUSCLE TYPE and LENGTH. which is what pulls the FEMOR BONES closer together; And a SMALL part in FAT.
    ★ another little fact for you people who think thigh gap is more attractive, desirable, or whatever: those who DONT have thigh gap, have TIGHTER vaginas.★ so guys, if you prefer to go after a chick with thigh gap rather than without, enjoy your loosey goosey girl ツ those without thigh gap will be enjoying a far better sex life!

    • Fitsofrage


  • Lisa89lisa

    Lmao this is the funniest article that I have ever taken the time to read.. Seriously who cares, f°°k a ” thigh gap” lol!!

  • jeiyb98

    This article is made to tell us the benefits of thigh gap from the writer’s perspective. No comparison is stated so you dont need to feel ugly or what if so dont read the article. Tss!

  • Lucia

    I fell like this article is written by a person who is trying to justify why they want one and act like it’s abnormal to not want/have one. Oh and “men think it’s super hot.” Well I’m not a boy but I’ve seen many surveys online saying that men like ass. Finally, it’s sad that you’re using men think it’s super hot as a reason because it implies that you might be trying to get a man’s approval instead of your own.

    Well that got heated. Have a good day and don’t waste your time on a thigh gap as long as you’re happy and healthy that’s all that matters.

  • Lucia

    Oh and if you do have one naturally than that’s fine as long as you’re healthy.

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  • Fitsofrage

    Some of this article tells lies, other truth. Mostly it is another bullshit trend perpetuated by bullshit trends before it. When i was 120 lbs i had no thigh gap. Not built for it. So saying i’m fat at 120 because my thighs touch is just asinine. What the hell is the next trend i wonder. Unibrow? XD