NOT FAIR! 10 Celebrity Guys with Thigh Gaps (Man Gaps? Guy Gaps?)

BiU96-OCYAAXUUMI can remember when I first told my boyfriend about the thigh gap and subsequently put him through the thigh gap test. My bemused beau obliged and to our surprise, he was indeed sporting a pretty sizable thigh gap!

You may be able to relate as you stretch, tone and do copious amounts of cardio in an attempt to winnow down those legs or keep your gap from closing and then catch a glimpse of your boyfriend of guy friend scarfing down pizza while his gap remains firmly in tact.

By the way, what should we call it? Man Gaps? Guy Gaps? Let me know your preferred or most creative terminology in the comments section.

As I cover in my book, it’s easier for some people to get thigh gaps than others (although anyone who is determined can get one in a healthy way). Men included possess thigh gaps if their hips are wider and legs are on the skinnier side. They also tend to hold their weight in their stomachs as opposed to their legs, which as it turns out is more dangerous for your health but easier to lose.

I’ve also had a lot of male customers who have used my protocols successfully (Hey, guys like skinny jeans too).

Here are a list of well known guys whose stems you can totally be envious of.

# 1 Adam Levine –

The Maroon 5 singer and The Voice Judge has a pretty lean frame and as can be seen here in slim fitting jeans, is sporting a thigh gap.

BgGC_pbIIAEBKcW# 2 Harry Styles – Member of the popular all boy band ‘One Direction’, Harry Styles, is seen here in a before picture with no thigh and after with slender legs.

His hips don’t look particularly wide to me! If he can do it, so can you!

jared-leto-gold-and-black-suit-oscars-nominees-luncheon-beverly-hills__oPt3. Jared leto –

Fresh off of his Oscar win, Jared Leto has always been a pretty slender guy. Here’s gorgeous, rich and successful – and yup, has a thigh gap to boot. Some guys get all the luck!

4nLhclWDmrE3zcBDIPZD0kM58pr5o3fKmoyf-uS1Q-Q4. Penn Badgley –

Known as Dan Humphries on the series, Gossip Girl, which I haven’t watched in forever, Penn is also a part of the thigh gap club.


Sfh5lZMA9ZGXHZENvIxr3Di6vC9lYjU5RVGnLLX7gCI5. Eddie Redmayne –

I know him as the hot guy from Les Miserables, but apparently he’s an  an English actor, singer and model. Triple threat. Add one more to that list of talents – man gap advocate.


how-to-dress-like-zac-efron-look16. Zac Efron – 
Efron sprung to stardom after starring in ‘High School Musical’ and has been a hollywood celebrity fixture ever since. Also known for his previous long term relationship with beautiful co-star, Vanessa Hudgens, this bachelor will give you a huge run for your money when it comes to his guy gap. I’m liking guy gap more by the minute.


Actor+Ashton+Kutcher+stops+poses+fans+photographers+OjMoz95JXcpl7. Ashton Kutcher –
Ok, this guy needs no introduction, right? I’m slightly in love with Ashton Kutcher because he reminds me a young Patrick Swayze, who I wanted to marry when I was younger. But this is not about me, it’s about Ashton’s tall limbs, lean legs and his coveted gap.

c834325516cc5d260c6f01ce0355ebfb8. Joseph Gordon Levitt –
We all loved him in Inception and 500 Days of Summer. You may have even bought the colorful summer poster and have it posted somewhere in your room. Now it can double as fitspiration because JGL definitely has a gap, although it’s quite difficult to find a picture of him with his legs closed. The guy really likes to have a commanding presence on the red carpet and that usually means wide, spread apart legs.

Ryan Gosling catches a flight at LAX9. Ryan Gosling –
Hey girls, don’t be jealous of Ryan Gosling’s man gap – you can get one too.  Be jealous of his hot girlfriend, Eva Mendes – she gets to kiss this guy on a regular basis.

xPpyaKm0kRVL960_o9F2GSM6OJih1eCqPVLTS3odBHA10. Andrew Garfield –
Cutie, Andrew Garfield, best known for his roles in Spider Man, and he rounds up our list of celebrity guys with thigh gaps.

Do you know any other celebrity guys with thigh gaps (man gaps) or is it (guy gaps)? Leave your comment below and let me know who I’ve missed


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