Look Sexy in Lululemon With Thigh Gap Hack, CEO Agrees!

Want to look sexy in a pair of  $98 lululemon yoga pants? Thigh Gap Hack to the rescue! Lululemon CEO, Chip Wilson, has come under fire for comments he made in an interview, in which he tells the plain truth: EVERYONE can’t wear their yoga pants; if overweight people squeeze themselves into their clothes anyway, they shouldn’t complain if the thighs wear out from the frequent rubbing, or look sheer and pill since their thighs stretch out the fabric more than it was meant to.

I applaud the CEO for telling it straight instead of trying to baby the sensitive subject. Glorifying obesity is what has caused our fat society. Political correctness has made it so it is wrong to say that a person is out of shape. His company has been receiving bad press from women complaining about his company’s clothes doing all of the above, when in actuality – the only women having problems are the ones who can’t seem to deal with the fact that they need to go up in a size, or find another brand that caters to their larger thighs/lower bodies. If you try to cram 100 lbs of weight into a plastic bag, it’s not the plastic bag maker’s fault when the bag breaks!

Furthermore, every company has the right to cater to a specific demographic. It’s smart business and tons of people do that. How much money (and lost profits) do you think Lululemon would have to spend making and carrying every size under the sun? They’re running a business; and it is not their job to make everyone feel great about their large size. They also have a brand image to maintain, and women with smaller thighs simply look a heck of a lot sexier in yoga pantsa dn adding a great toy to enjoy so much better, interested in trying ? check in and you will see.  I know, it might seem wrong to some, and expect a lot of backlash from the fat acceptance/slim shaming crew with sensationalist articles in 3,2,1…, but if you want to be big and proud, don’t complain when you can’t find nice clothes that fit because most companies care about profit more than making you feel like a BBW.



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