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On a Diet and Still not Losing Weight? – Have your Diet Reviewed for FREE!

Dieting but still not losing weightAre you on a diet but still not losing weight or body fat? If your diet isn’t working, I’d love to evaluate it for free.

Some people say losing fat is 80 to 90% diet and I agree that is is high up there. It is much easier to eat a little less every day than to try to work off 500 calories. Let’s face it, most people just aren’t working out that hard.

But, the problem a lot of women face when trying to lose fat when going on a diet is that they don’t accurately track WHAT they are eating. It has been proven in study after study that women who track what they eat (by writing it down) consume way less calories than women who don’t. It makes sense to me that when you are more conscious of what you are putting in your mouth – you make smarter choices.

It has also been proven that many people underestimate the amount of calories they eat (as well as overestimate the amount of calories they burn through exercise). For example, I have a new client who did not exercise frequently but claimed she walked a lot so she was probably burning a lot of calories from that. By her estimation she was burning 500 calories or so from walking on the job! A GROSS OVERESTIMATE when we had her wear a monitor! Most people’s jobs are sedentary and doesn’t involve a lot of energy expenditure. As an aside; walking around for a short period of time to go to the fax or SNACK machine does not constitute exercise. Your heart rate doesn’t get elevated and the length of time you spend doing the activity is very short!

But, I digress! lol. Back on topic; I am offering one reader per week the opportunity to have their “diet” reviewed by me. Simply, document what you have eaten for ONE FULL DAY and submit it to me. Don’t omit anything!!!

To enter first you must like our fanpage on facebook here¬†or click the like button on the right sidebar. Then create a photo album where you will upload a full DAY’s worth of pictures of every meal/snack/beverage (Yes, everything you eat AND drink, including alcohol) and tag us in the picture along with the hashtags #thighgaphack.

Be sure to label the pictures by day.

If you are chosen for the review of the week (Yes, we will do this every week!) you will be notified via a facebook message and asked to provide your age, height, weight and type of job (the default is sedentary) to me.