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An Open Letter to Critics of ‘The Thigh Gap’

Some women and a ton of men think that skinny legs are quite sexy!

Some women and a ton of men think that skinny legs are quite sexy!

Is it wrong to want a thigh gap?

Is it wrong to desire six pack abs?

Is it wrong to desire big biceps?

Is it wrong to want to get rid of a double chin?

Is it wrong to want to get rid of a muffin top?


If you followed the flawed logic of the critics who chastise women for wanting to achieve an aesthetic where one tries to get rid of the extra fat on the inner and outer thighs, then you would have answered yes to all of those questions.

But you didn’t, did you?

That’s because there is nothing wrong with people preferring to look a certain way, although it may not be physically appealing to you! And if you are going to tell women to embrace their “strong thighs” and that something is wrong with them for wanting to lose fat – then you should take your own advice and embrace your “soft tummy”, muffin top and/or double chin! Because it’s the same exact thing.

But if I told you something was wrong with you for wanting to have six pack abs or a flat tummy, I would sound absolutely ridiculous, right?

We are all entitled to improving ourselves the way we see fit. As long as one isn’t turning to unhealthy measures such as anorexia and bulimia to meet their body goals, what’s the problem? No one rags on the guys in the gym training every day to build up huge muscles, so why attack the women who are training to have slender and thin bodies?

I hope this open letter to the critics of ‘the thigh gap’ will cause you to think twice before you blast another person seeking help on a fitness message board. And if you are one of those women trying to find the answer for how to achieve the elusive gap or just lowering your overall body fat – I’d like to welcome you into this safe space for others who understand your struggle and can finally help you move one step closer to having the body you deserve!