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How Young is too Young to Start Caring About your Body/Weight?


In today’s world where the older generation is looking upon various products reviews from Health Line’s round up to preserve their natural beauty, the younger generation has taken a turn towards the down being extremely cautious with their looks and weight.

Recently, a question came in from a 13 year old reader, Summer, who expressed discontent with her thighs. That question is posted below.

I wanted to do a separate post for Summer because many people may think 13 is just too young to be worrying about one’s body – and sure enough there was a reply to Summer saying just as much.

Sidebar: I put out a question on the facebook page asking how old people were when they first started trying to lose weight/eat healthier/look better. So if you’d like, chime in there or leave your answer in the comments section below.

On with it, here’s Summer’s question with my thoughts below:

I want a thigh gap and j don’t care about the people who are horrible with words just because of there irrelevant opinions I’m a teenager and I want a thigh gap and I want to get one by doing excerisse and diet the right way just like camille did. I’m a shorty to and I would like to look taller I’ve never had a guy like me and I’m not saying that this would make guys attracted to ME^^ but I’d like to fell like I’m on top of the world! For once I’d like to fell like people weren’t judging me because of my body figure I’m not really curvy but I have not really any it’s just muscle or fat in my thighs mu thighs are bigger because of the workouts I’ve been doing and I don’t like it at all and I’m definitely not fat I have a flat stomach but it can get a little chubby when I don’t watch what I eat I’m 13 and I want a thigh gap if anyone has a problem with that I really don’t care it’s my choice.
Camille I would really like a thigh gap and I need help I’ve looked at anything and everything and nothing has worked
I wanted to leave the school year feeling horrible and come back in august feeling slightly better about myself
I don’t have money because I’m 13 and idk where to get your book I looked it up on my nook/kindle and they dint have it
If you could reply that would be awesome

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