Are Measuring Spoons the Same as Kitchen Spoons?


If you’re like me, you may have wondered if using a kitchen spoon in lieu of a measuring spoon is an accurate way to determine the amount of your ingredients.

The common theory is that measuring spoons seem to hold more than the spoons you use as regular eating utensils (those measuring spoons sure do look bigger) and so I decided to test it for myself.

Using a tablespoon from a moderately priced utensil set, measuring spoons and a tiny measuring cup (all bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond) I set out to measure 15 ml of olive oil (120 calories).

The results? Filling the line on the tiny measuring cup to 15ml enabled me to pour the entire amount in my measuring spoon. Only half of the oil (15ml) fit in my kitchen tablespoon. This is great news for me since I’ve been simply measuring my oil with my kitchen spoon! Whereas I thought I was consuming 120 calories of oil, I was actually only consuming 60! Before you get too excited, just remember YMMV!

This test appears to confirm the theory (at least for my kitchen spoons – but perhaps a set of utensils from Tiffany’s would’ve been more accurate?) Find useful kitchen lifehacks and more at

Have any of you ever tested the difference between your measuring spoons and kitchen spoons? If so, what was your finding? Share below so we can get more than a sample of 1.

* Since this is also valuable information ; For those of you wondering how many grams 15ml of olive oil translates to – the answer is 10 grams.

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