Congrats Kim Kardashian, NOW Hit the Gym, ASAP!

Kim-Kardashian-Pregnant-Bikini-Before-Giving-BirthAs you may know by now, Kim Kardashian has finally ushered baby North West into her world. If I know Kim like I’m led to believe I do, she’s itching to get her famous pre-baby body back. In fact, her closest friends have leaked how unhappy she has been with her pregnancy weight gain.

While there has been a recent backlash to celebrities slimming down so quickly after childbirth, with many proclaiming “What’s the rush?”, these women are simply utilizing a little known trick that everyone hasn’t been privvy to. The hack works like this: women have a small window of opportunity after giving birth to lose the stubborn body fat in our hips and thighs much more easier than normal.

It all comes down to hormones. When you’re not preggers, you store and hold on to fat in the lower body in preparation for when the miracle of life happens, which could technically be at any second. Your body operates in this manner even if it’s the furthest thing from your mind. Thus, it doesn’t give up the fat easily despite all your exercise and dieting efforts and you get the dreaded first on, last off phenomenon.

However, when mommy pops out a baby, her body’s defenses are temporarily disarmed, and the window of opportunity to lose the stubborn inner thigh and hip fat is ripe! Unfortunately, too many women are busy taking care of baby’s every need and trying to find seconds to nap to motivate themselves to do the training necessary. Knowing Kim though, she’ll have plenty of help from the Kardashian Klan and Kanye, and be back in those fitted skirts in no time!

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