Is a Thigh Gap Healthy or Unhealthy?

Will the barrage of articles condemning those who dare to want slimmer thighs or *gasp*, a ‘thigh gap’, ever cease?!

What intrigues me is that every.single.article makes it a point to tell women and girls that having a thigh gap is “unhealthy” and that only underweight or anorexic women have thigh gaps. Or that is is impossible to get a thigh gap in a healthy manner without wide hips!

Tell me something: Which one of these bodies looks unhealthy to you?





There is no one thigh gap size that fits all! A gap can vary in its size and every woman/girl who wants slimmer thighs has something different in mind when it comes to the gap! Furthermore, here is the definition for unhealthy as given by


a. Being in a state of ill health; sick.
b. Characterized by or symptomatic of ill health: an unhealthy pallor.
c. Causing or conducive to poor health; unwholesome: an unhealthy diet.
2. Harmful to character or moral health; corruptive: unhealthy reading material.
3. Characterized by or symptomatic of disturbed mental health: took an unhealthy interest in violence and fires.
4. Of a risky nature; dangerous: an unhealthy predicament.
There is nothing inherently “unhealthy” about a thigh gap or even the process required to get one (at least as outlined in my book, “The Thigh Gap Hack”. 
Being in a state of ill health; sick.
I am in the best state of health of my life! Promoting regular exercise and a clean diet free of brain fogging sugars, simple carbs, unhealthy fats, etc. will do that to you. Everyone knows exercise and whole foods will put you in the exact opposite camp of ill health and sickness. However, I would venture a guess that 90% of the American population that does not exercise, binges regularly on fast food and tons of sugar, and then feeds on medicines and drugs aren’t feeling so great.
Harmful to character or moral health; corruptive: unhealthy reading material.
How is having a thigh gap harmful to character or moral health? The last time I checked having a lean body and little body fat had nothing to do with character or moral health. The vitriol that is spewed from the opponents of the thigh gap says a lot about the character of those bloggers/reporters. They are quick to drop F bombs all over the place and let it be known how disgusting they think “thigh gaps” are, as if anyone asked them! Never mind those people whose natural body shape dictates their thigh gap. Nope. According to them, anyone with a thigh gap is gross and unhealthy. I’d say their writings would definitely classify as “unhealthy reading material”
Characterized by or symptomatic of disturbed mental health:
Of course, there are some who take wanting a thigh gap to the extreme and those with mental health issues and body image issues. However, there are plenty of others who are into fitness and diet to achieve our body goals. And please know, just because you want slimmer thighs does not mean that there is anything wrong with you mentally. In fact, I’d say those who claim to love their big flabby (aka “strong”) thighs are the ones with the mental health issues; they’ve convinced themselves of something that simply is not true. Do you think if having slimmer thighs was a matter of snapping your fingers these women would still LOVE their HUGE legs? The fact of the matter is, the stubborn thigh fat is not as easy to lose as other areas of the body (hence the word stubborn) and it takes a mentally strong willed person to dedicate themselves to eradicating the fat to get the results they really want!


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