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Thigh Gap Facebook Page Reinstated – You Win, Trolls Lose!

On September 16th, 2013, I sent the following message to facebook.


I received a message this morning about my facebook page (The Thigh Gap Hack) 
being removed from facebook

I was told it was because it promotes eating disorders. I am outraged that my 
site would be wiped out without any true investigation into this claim. Nothing 
on my page ever mentioned anything about an eating disorder and nothing in my 
book does anything of the sort. I promote advanced exercise/diet tricks used by 
bodybuilders and athletes to lose stubborn body fat on the thighs. 

thigh gap fan page reinstated

The night before, I had received – yet again – another string of facebook messages from a trollish bully who threatened she would rally her entire network on twitter and every other social media site to shut down my page of almost 4000 fans.

The reason?

This particular troll, thought my page and book PROMOTED an eating disorder just by way of having the words ‘thigh gap’ in the title! Sadly, messages like hers was commonplace, as many women seem to think they have the right to police other women’s fitness goals.

Now, it should be stated that there had never been a post on my page promoting anyone to starve/binge/purge to get a thigh gap. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Also, nowhere in my 250 page book had I ever mentioned such things. I used my platform to inform girls and women that there was an alternative way to achieving one’s goal of thinning the thighs.

So, you can imagine my surprise when Facebook pulled my page, without giving me a chance to respond or defend myself. It seemed particularly rash – like I was being charged guilty until proven innocent. Furthermore, when I asked facebook to provide proof of my page promoting an eating disorder, all I heard was crickets!

Their silence meant that someone at facebook had deemed a page talking about thigh gaps as a goal automatically was bad and wrong; that any girl looking up ‘how to get a thigh gap’ was one click away from an eating disorder; and they simply weren’t going to have it! Yet, suspiciously, they still allowed me to run ads on their network informing people of the book.

I was at a loss, and reached out to you all to rally against the injustice that was happening, and hundreds of you answered the call – I know because I asked you to CC me in the e-mails. You sent e-mails like:

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