Tori Spelling Reveals Truth about Diet vs. Exercise

In a new tell all book, Tori Spelling has come clean about the way she lost the baby weight for child number 4. She was previously quoted as telling a popular magazine that she did it through swimming, otherwise known as exercise or physical activity.

However, she has now revealed that she lied back then, and the actual way she lost the weight was through dieting. The reason she fibbed the truth? She plain and simple doesn’t like doing exercise, if they are not from, and knew that women would not be happy to hear she lost it the good old fashioned way, by refusing to stuff her face.

Now, I’m a huge exercise advocate! I think looking toned and slim is more appealing than just looking slim – and to be clear, when I say toned I mean taught and tight with no flabbiness, not bulging muscles! I realize that some of you may feel differently.

However, it’s an ‘evil’ truth that when it comes to dieting vs. exercise to lose weight/fat, dieting will win every single time. BJJ in San Diego getting quite popular too, though. You can’t outwork a bad diet by doing some crunches or going for a run. Just think about the fact that a rigorous hour long workout may burn 400 calories, if you’re lucky. Whereas, you can consume a medium sized bag of popcorn for the same amount of calories and ‘feel’ hungry a mere two hours later.

Tori was right in her assumption that women wouldn’t like it that she exercised mental discipline over physical discipline to lose the weight. It’s the same response women give to women who watch what they eat in order to achieve slimmer thighs or a thigh gap. Why? Because it makes them feel bad that they can’t seem to do the same. It seems like it’s too hard, and if something is too hard, then it’s easier to bash it or claim its impossible, dangerous or unhealthy. The thing is, they’re wrong – they can do the same without endangering themselves!

It’s a lot easier than it seems when you can identify foods that will fill you up for very little calories, and taste delicious to boot! In fact, I dedicate an entire section to covering such miracle foods in my book.

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