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Have you ever seen someone on the street who looked amazing (body goals in the flesh) and wondered what it takes to look like that, but of course couldn’t go up to a perfect stranger and start digging into their personal life. Who hasn’t, right?

In this series, Camille Hugh, best selling author and fitness blogger, asks random New Yorker’s to go in depth and reveal exactly what they do, eat, and their philosophy to have their enviable figures – and they answer. From their weight, height, how often they eat out, and whether they count calories, no question is off limits.

There’s more than one way to look amazing; get ready for the T from real people on getting and staying slim and fit.



Camille: Hi everyone, I’m camille and today i’m doing another one of our series of what’s your secret. Today I’m in Prospect Park in brooklyn and I found someone hanging out on the grass. What’s your name?

Dana: My name is Dana

Camille: Dana. And I came up to her. Just like you guys want to know the people you see walking around, what their fitness secret is, what their diet secret is? That’s what I’m here for. So Dana, the first question I have to ask you is how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Dana: I’m 5’2″ and I weigh about 95 pounds.

Camille: Okay, great. And do you have any type of exercise regiment that you follow to be in this great shape that you’re in?

Dana: Thank you. I don’t really have a regiment to be honest. I do different things at different times. In summer, I play tennis, i’m surfing and I’m jogging in the park. In the winter I do yoga and I go to dance classes.

Camille: Awesome. How many times per week would you say you work out? In the summer and winter? Does it change or does it say the same?

Dana: On average, two to three.

Camille: Okay, for both the summer and the winter?

Dana: Summer and winter.

Camille: And have you always been a fitness junkie? Have you always been working out your entire life? Is it something you recently go into?

Dana: I’ve always been really active; I played sports when I was a kid. And then it took me a while to figure out what really worked for my body and what i enjoyed and to be able to build it in holistically into my life. I really don’t like going to a gym or working out or going out for a jog to be honest most of the time. So I think I figured out what really works for me about 8 years ago.

Camille: 8 years. So you’ve been doing this regiment for about 8 years consistently?

Dana: Consistently.

Camille: Okay awesome. And now what about food? Because that’s a really important part of fitness and physique. what do you subscribe to if anything?

Dana: I think, personally I don’t restrict myself from anything, but I just try to keep a balance and I naturally like healthy food luckily. I grew up eating a pretty healthy diet but really carb heavy so when I got out on my own I started eating a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables and a lot more rice instead of bread and pasta.

Camille: Okay and do you cook your own food a lot? Do you eat out a lot with friends? Because that’s really hard for a lot of people – eating out and staying trim. So what do you do about that?

Dana: I mean, living in New York I eat out probably about 70% of the time to be honest. But I try to eat at least one meal at home.

Camille: So it is possible to eat out and still be in great shape, yeah?

Dana: I think so. You have to choose carefully though. I eat at like WholeFoods a lot or I eat at Asian restaurants a lot – and like rice and vegetables.

Camille: Okay. Probably staying away from those fried foods?

Dana: Most of the time.

Camille: Okay. Gotcha.

Alright. Well, Thank you so much Dana for sharing your regimen: your exercise regimen, your diet regimen. I really appreciate it, I’m sure everyone out there appreciates it. And this has been another episode of ‘What’s Her Secret?’ Thanks for watching. Bye!




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