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The key to losing body fat is a combination of cardio and resistance training. Resistance training with compound movements (that work more than one muscle at a time) works to burn up carbohydrates and release fat from fat cells, but cardio is what really allows those stored fat cells to be targeted and incinerated. I talk about the best ways to work out in more specific terms in The Thigh Gap Hack (what to avoid and why).

However, cardio is not fun for most people!

You’re either stuck on on a treadmill, elliptical or running around the same park over and over again like a hamster spinning a wheel.

It doesn’t take long before your body gets used to these predicable and monotonous ways of working out and is able to perform the activities more efficiently, meaning you burn less calories.

That’s why I love doing dance cardio! You get to switch up the routine, intensity and keep your body guessing. And I want to invite you do dance cardio with me.


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Now, as I mentioned before I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DANCE CARDIO.

However, most dance cardio workout videos on the market are incredibly dull and not challenging enough to get your heart rate elevated and keep it up there, way too hard to follow with no cueing whatsoever, completely outdated with terribly boring or repetitive music and/or doesn’t have enough variety with the movements.

I’ve been choreographing cardio dance workouts for my clients for a long time and oftentimes workout to my own routines. So, I decided to share those workouts with you all – absolutely FREE on my new channel

Every week I will upload a new cardio choreographed workout video to a hot track (think EDM, Pop, Salsa, Reggae, etc) SO MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE to get every video!


My videos will contain not only verbal cuing, but visual cues for you to follow along.Each workout will ┬ábe the length of the track, so it’s best if you make a playlist and mix/match workouts or simply do one cardio choreo video multiple times until you get the routine down pat. (Remember, you need at least 40 minutes of cardio).

You can also choose to do a few videos and finish up with any other form of cardio (jumping rope, swimming…)

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