9 Reasons Women Want a Thigh Gap!

Not that you need any convincing, but some people out there are wondering why anyone would ever want a thigh gap, so I thought we could indulge them AND just in case you need some motivation to stay the course of your diet and fitness plan, here’s 9 Reasons to want a Thigh Gap!


1. Skinny Jeans – Let’s face it. Skinny jeans were made for skinny thighs and legs and if you don’t have them, your butt and thighs only look bigger.


2. Crossing your legs – There is nothing sexier than sitting crossed legged. That can be hard with bulky/thigh thighs. I prefer the look where you cross one leg over the other and tuck it behind the calf of the other leg. This is darn near impossible and very uncomfortable to do with thigh thighs.


3. Mini Skirts – Mini skirts tend to look quite vulgar on women with thicker thighs. However, with thin thighs and a thigh gap, it is much easier to pull off.


4. No more chafing skin – Thin thighs / thigh gaps make the issues of chasing skin from touching thighs obsolete. Enjoy smooth skin following our recommendations and expert advice at

men think thigh gaps are hot

5. Men think it’s Super Hot – Obviously, different men like different things, but generally most men like women with toned, slim thighs absent of dimples, cellulite or fat pockets.


6. Thigh High Socks / Leg warmers – It is hard to pull off the sexy school girl look of thigh high socks / knee high shocks / and leg warmers with big legs.

nicole Richie dramtic changes

7. You appear taller – If you’re a shortie like me (5’1″) being skinny and having thin legs make you appear taller (So there is something you can do!). Case in point: Nicole Ritchie. Less fat and less width tends to do that! Whoop whoop for the short girls


short shorts


8. Short shorts! – Enough said 😉


shapewear9. No Shapewear necessary! – Shape wear link Spanx, is used to compress and squeeze flesh on the inner and outer thighs to give the appearance of thinner thighs. Squeezing into uncomfortable shape wear is not necessary with a thigh gap, thank god!


What do you think about my 9 reasons for wanting a thigh gap? Any of these resonate with you?

Why do you want a thigh gap? Share below!